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Review: Jenn Ne Sais Quoi, Jenn Im x Colourpop
Monday, 27 June 2016 at 14:59 | 0 Comments

A week ago, I finally got my hands on Jenn Ne Sais Quoi or Jenn Ne Sais Quad which is Jenn Im x Colourpop's (clothesencounters) collaboration collection! Colourpop is extremely inaccessible here in Singapore which was why it took me so long to receive them. I got mine from a shop on Carousell called "vaincosmetics". Unfortunately, the shade Un was out of stock, but I decided to get the rest of the set anyway because to be completely honest, I don't really need another champagne shade.

This review is going to be all about the eyeshadow quad, I also purchased Jenn Im x Colourpop's Lippie pencil in Dohee and Lippie Stix in Jenneration X which I have reviewed: here.

I have used the eyeshadows and created 2 different looks for you, but first, let's go through a brief introduction of all the shades first.

So since I'm lacking the first shade, we're gonna begin with the second shade, Deux - a medium sandy brown in Satin finish. I think this is a great colour for all over the lids or even for just contouring your eyelids. If you're not into dark and smokey, this would be a great brown to add a slight definition to your eye look. 

The third shade, I was very excited about. It was the highlight of the quad and one of the reasons why I decided to get the set. Trois - a deep brick red shade with brown undertones in Satin finish. This shade is EVERYTHING. It is unique, it is pretty, it is absolutely wearable. You can easily find dupes for Un, Deux and Quatre, but I don't think you can find a shade like Trois anywhere. This is great to add a pop of colour to your eyes or, if you are adventurous, go all out and smear it all over your lids for a bolder look.

The fourth shade is Quatre - a dark chocolate brown in Matte finish. I love myself a matte brown eyeshadow because they are so easy to wear. A matte brown is the best for providing more depth and contouring to your eyes, and also for intensifying any eye look. 

 (with flash)

(under sunlight)

Now that we know what we're dealing with, let's begin with the make-up looks! 

Look One

I'm starting my look by defining and contouring my eyes, and I'm using Deux for this step. I'm applying the shade on by tapping the eyeshadow on to my outer eyelids and then blending and dragging it towards the inner corners and crease. This will help create more dimensions and making it look more defined. I'm repeating the steps over and over again until it reaches my desired opacity.

To add a cheeky pop of colour, I'm taking Trois and blending it on the outer corners of my eyes. I make sure not to add too much, so it doesn't look too harsh.

Next I am taking a light champagne shade from the Olivia Palermo x Ciaté London Smokey Suedes Eye Palette, I find this to be the closest dupe for Un (so use Un for this step!). I'm applying this shade all over my inner lids, inner corners, and brow bone to highlight.

Lastly, I'm lining my upper lash line with Quatre. I love lining my upper lash line so it looks neater when I've curled my lashes and applied mascara. I am also using Quatre to create a soft eyeliner. I'm also using this shade on my outer, lower lash line for more dimensions.

Since I'm not using any eyeliner here, I'm adding false lashes to this look to pump up my natural lashes. Add your favourite mascara, and the look is completed!

For this look, I paired it with both the Lippie Stix in Jenneration X. Since the eye make-up is not so intense, the bold colour of Jenneration X really helped bring out the look.

I love this look because it is definitely something I'd wear all summer. I think it's bright, fun and the pop of coral totally screams summer. You wouldn't need a special occasion to wear this look too! I can totally imagine myself wearing this to a holiday getaway or even a date out. 

Look Two

To begin, I'm applying Deux all over my lids as a base colour.

Next, I'm using Trois and I'm applying it on the outer half of my eye. I really want the red to stand out, so I'm making sure it covers at least half of my eyelids. Concentrating on the outer portion, then blending the colour inwards. I'm also using Trois on the lower lash line to further highlight the red colour.

For a smokey and darker effect, I'm taking Quatre and applying that onto the outer third of my eye. Concentrating more on the outer part as well, then blending inwards. Make sure you don't blend too much because you still want your red eyeshadow to shine. I'm also using this shade on my upper lash line and waterline to smoke out the look.

For highlight, I'm taking the same champange shade from the Olivia Palermo x Ciaté London Smokey Suedes Eye Palette and applying that on the inner corners of my eyes, and also on the brow bone to highlight.

Apply your favourite eyeliner and mascara as usual and the look is completed!

Since this eye make-up is more intense, I'm pairing it with the Lippie pencil in Dohee to leave the attention to my eyes.

This look is definitely more smokey and dark, I would wear this to a date night out or any special occasions where I want to look more bold and alluring. I love how the pop of red add a pop of spiciness to the look!

Overall, I recommend these eyeshadows because they are really affordable and you can create so many different looks with it. Duex is a basic eyeshadow colour but what makes it unique is it's Satin finish. Probably 80% of my brown eyeshadows are matte or metallic, but nothing like a Satin finish.  Trois is simply stunning and such a versatile shade. Its bright red colour will be great for summer and spring, but its dark hues are also great for autumn and winter. If you're in a hunt for a dark and rich brown shade for applying on your lids, or drawing as an eyeliner, Quatre is a good choice to consider. 

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Review: Jenn Im x Colourpop Lippie Pencil Dohee & Lippie Stix Jenneration X
Sunday, 26 June 2016 at 21:10 | 0 Comments
Hi! Today I will be reviewing 2 products, and they are the Jenn Im x Colourpop Lippie Pencil in Dohee and Lippie Stix in Jenneration X. I have also purchased the eyeshadow quad, Jenn Ne Sais Quoi that was released together with the lip products, so if you wanna check out my review on that (plus 2 make-up looks!) click: here.

The first lip product is the Lippie Pencil in shade "Dohee".

I am loving coral lips at the moment, I find them really special, but wearable. So when this shade came out, I couldn't help but to get it. I decided to go for the Lippie Pencil because I do own an Ultra Satin Lip product from Colourpop, and I wanted to try out something new.

The coral lipstick I have been wearing is Essence's lipstick in the shade 01 "Coral Calling". It has a hint of coral, but it also has probably an equal amount of pink tones to it. Dohee on the other hand, has got more orange tones than pink which I love. I think the colour itself is the perfect summery coral shade. It is not shockingly bright orange, instead it is quite muted and subtle which makes it really wearable. I think this will look good with any eye look.

 (with flash)

The second lip product is the Lippie Stix in the shade "Jenneration X".

This is a darker, stronger and brighter coral with more hints of red. If you love wearing red lipsticks, definitely give this a go. Personally, I didn't know if this would suit me. I don't wear red lipsticks often (I'm a "pink lips" person), and especially bright reds. But looking at so many people rocking it, I was really tempted to give it a shot. Plus, I have never tried Colourpop's Lippie Stix!

So I tried it on, and turns out... I love it! Definitely very bold looking, but the coral tones really helped balance the cool red tones and the warmth of my skin. I think this is great for when you're wearing a simple eye look but still want to look bomb. I also used the Lippie Pencil Dohee to line my lips so the lipstick will not feather.

The longevity of this product is incredible. I feel like that is all I have to say. It is incredible! I also preferred the Lippie Stix over the Ultra Satin or Lip Pencil because it glides on really easily and it's much easier to have a more precise application with it.

I have been using these two lip products, so much that I have also included them in my June Favourites! I am also wearing Jenneration X in my June Favourites.

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Review: Etude House's Blend 4 Eyes in Dried Rose
Monday, 20 June 2016 at 21:44 | 0 Comments
Today I'm reviewing one of the prettiest eyeshadow quad ever, Etude House's Blend For Eyes in shade 1 "Dried Rose".

I went into Etude House in hopes of getting a makeup remover, and I stumbled upon this beautiful eyeshadow quad. I ended up getting a bunch of products, so after discount it only cost me approximately $12 (U.P $17.90). If you ask me, $17.90 is pretty worth it for this pretty palette.

The packaging is slightly flimsy looking. In my opinion, Etude House's eyeshadow palettes always look like they're about to come apart or fall out of their holders. But with the price, I think it can be looked over.

The latest Korean beauty trend now is the shade Dried Rose / Rose / Dusty Rose. It is basically a dusty, muted, mauve pinkish red and it can range from a nude pink, or a dark and deep burgundy. It is highly popular in lip products and also, eyeshadows. Being someone who loves wearing pink on my eyes, I am obsessed. 

Now Etude House's Blend For Eyes comes in 4 shades (i.e. 4 different quads), the one that attracted me the most was shade 1, "Dried Rose". I literally gasped the moment I swatched it whilst I was in store. 

This quad contains 2 shimmer shades, and 2 matte shades.

(with flash)

The first shade is a rosy pink shimmer with hints of champagne and coral. It's quite similar to a rose gold shade but with more pinks in it. I think the slight coral tone made it really special and summery! 

The second shade is a medium brown shimmer which is a must-have in any eyeshadow quad because this shade is so important for providing extra depth and definition to your eyes.

The third shade is a mauve peach matte shade which is so pretty you can definitely wear it on its own.

The last shade is a deep pinky burgundy matte shade, and this was the shade that convinced me that I had  to get this palette. 

I have been digging eyeshadow quads recently, I feel like they are so easy to use and so portable. I have been buying eyeshadow palettes and I always end up not using a couple of shades in the palettes. On a contrary, I always use every single shade in an eyeshadow quad. Even though it seems like there are only 4 shades to choose from, you can create so many different looks with it. 

I have created 3 different looks with this quad, so take a look!

⓵ Simple and Sweet

I think this look is perfect for daytime as it is refreshing, light and easy. I would personally wear this look if I were to go on a brunch date with my girlfriends, or boyfriend. Or even to the theme park where I don't want to look like I'm overdoing my make-up. 

⓶ Romantic

Hands down, this is my favourite look. It is not too dark and smokey, and not too light. It's... Somewhere in the middle. I think this is suitable for shopping dates, special dates like Valentine's Day or your anniversary date, or even weddings where you want to look sophisticated and put together. 

⓷ Sexy and Bold

Whenever I get a new eye shadow palette (or quad), I always feel like it is necessary to do a smokey look. Personally, I don't wear a smokey eye look often but I know many others who do, so this is for you! I quite like this smokey look because of the pop of pink that makes it less harsh but more fun. 

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Review: Troipeel H+ Healing Cushion
Saturday, 18 June 2016 at 20:55 | 0 Comments

For the past months, I've been loving air cushion foundations over my liquid foundations. I love how compact, easy and convenient it is to apply them. I don't put on a full face of make-up everyday, but I use my air cushion foundations on a daily basis because it gives my skin an instant brightening effect, covering all the uneven spots and dullness so I don't look like a zombie in the morning. Therefore, I'm always on a hunt for good air cushion foundations. Since I've started using air cushions so frequently, my collection has grown so much. As I've mentioned in my April 2016 favourites, my then favourite air cushions were the April Skin Magic Snow Cushion and the MISSHA x Line Friends Magic Cushion. But in May, MK Universal decided to send me their Troipeel H+ Cushion to try out and it is now easily my favourite air cushion.

Apart from their H+ Cushion, I also received the Troiareuke GPS Mask and I reviewed both products on my channel (watch the review here!). I wasn't instructed to do this blog post but because of how much I am loving it, I thought I'd share it with you here as well! 

Comparing the H+ Cushion with my previous 2 favourite ones, here are the similarities:

Most air cushions I've tried have a light to medium coverage which is what I love. I don't have a lot of spots to begin with so coverage is not a huge deal for me. If the coverage for my huge spot is insufficient, I'll simply go over with a concealer. A lighter coverage foundation allows my face to breathe and not feel so cakey throughout the day. And I feel like heavier foundations tend to weigh me down and clog my pores. In my opinion, lighter coverage foundations also looks more natural as it is blended in together with your natural skin. I wouldn't say these cushions have a light coverage though because while applying my foundation, I always only put on 1 layer and it is always sufficient for me. So if add on another layer or so, I'm pretty sure you will be able to achieve at least medium coverage.

All 3 air cushions gives a seamless and natural looking finish which I love. They brighten up my complexion and are basically non-cakey and non-patchy.

I believe the forumla of these cushions are not extremely thick, hence they look so natural and are so easy to blend. I do have air cushions that provides a slightly better coverage, yet are a mess to blend. I am not a morning person, so I like to sleep more and have lesser time to do my make-up. Therefore, a foundation that blends easily is definitely a must!

I have dull skin, so I always find a way to brighten it up. An easy and quicker way to do so is to use a foundation with brightening effects. I love these air cushions because they instantly brighten up my face, making me look brighter, fresher and more awake. 

So what makes H+ Cushion different from the rest?

This honestly blew my mind. Why aren't we having more foundations like this?! I was really pleased when I found out that H+ Cushion actually has healing properties. Finally, a foundation I can wear all-day and not be bothered about it clogging my pores and doing harm to my skin! H+ Cushion has 3 main healing functions and they are: Whitening, Anti-Aging, and UV Protection. So it's basically like a skincare product, but with actual coverage.

 The H+ Cushion also provides your face with a moisture shield that protects your skin from external factors such as dust, UV rays, smoke, etc. These external factors can cause your skin to lose moisture, age, and develop spots. Having a shield can keep your skin in a good environment to heal whilst you're out and about!

Comparing this with the rest of my air-cushion foundations, I feel like this has a more dewy finish. Personally I love it, it doesn't look too dewy to the extent that you will look oily. But it makes my skin looks moisturized, fresh and healthy.

Unlike the rest of my air cushions foundation, the H+ Cushion only comes in 1 shade. I am using shade C23 for all my air cushions, and usually that is the darkest shade available. As I have medium skintone, I was originally quite worried that it will be too light for me. However, I was surprised because the shade was not to light at all. Upon applying, it wasn't a perfect match to my skin tone, but after blending it out and letting it sit on my face, I realised that it looked a lot more natural and evened out with my skin tone. I was told that similar to a BB cream, this air cushion will be able to adjust to your skin tone within 5 to 10 minutes after application, so I guess it worked! Do bear in mind that I'm a C23 though and I haven't tested it out on any other darker skin tones so I'm not sure if it will be able to adjust accordingly.

H+ cushion is also using a special type of cushion that prevents all the foundation to soak through at once. This is supposed to reduce oxidisation from occurring to your foundation.

With that being said, ever since I received H+ Cushion, it has been the only one I'm using. I noticed my skin has stopped developing new spots and previous spots are also starting to heal. I wouldn't give 100% of the credits to this cushion because I am using other new skincare products, but I'm sure this has also helped in the process of improving my skin and I'm so excited to see if it will continue doing wonders to my skin! 

H+ Healing Cushion is currently retailing at USD38. To purchase, drop Troiareuke a message on their Facebook page mentioning me and telling them you're interested and they will assist you in purchasing the foundation!:


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