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Review: Giverny Skincare and Makeup (Macqueza K-Beauty Box!)
Monday, 8 October 2018 at 09:40 | 0 Comments
Being a K-beauty junkie, I love discovering new places where I can get my hands on non-mainstream K-beauty products. Over a month ago, Macqueza contacted me and offered to send me a specially curated K-beauty box and that was when I visited their website to see what they are offering.

Macqueza is an online shop based in Singapore, and they offer a good variety of K-beauty products from non-mainstream brands such as Pony Effect, IM MEME, Acwell and more! After browsing through their website, I've chosen a handful of products to try and so today, I wanted to share with you the skincare and makeup products I've chosen from the brand Giverny.

I was attracted to the brand Giverny after knowing that it is a brand that is inspired and made with flowers. Flower extracts are added to all products so our skin can receive the benefits of these natural ingredients and the idea of that made me keen to try them out. Fun fact: Jeon Somi is the official model for Giverny! In today's blog post, I have one skincare product and a handful of makeup products to share, so without further ado, let's start with our one and only skincare product which is the Giverny White Blooming Cream.

First off, I love the packaging of this cream. It feels pretty heavy which makes it feel somewhat expensive I guess and as you all know, I love pink and so this pink and gold packaging really suits my taste! The cap has a "lock" which clicks when you shut it properly and overall I guess the only thing that's lacking is a spatula. The Giverny White Blooming Cream is a brightening cream that is formulated to fight against rough, dull, blemished and uneven skin. Despite having dull skin, I've never used a brightening cream or moisturizer as I'm always so focused on treating my acne issues. Little did I know that a brightening cream would be great for lightening those dark spots and scars left from my acne breakouts!

I've only received this cream about 2 weeks ago so it's really difficult for me to see any huge difference. I think it does its job in keeping my skin moisturized as even though I have oily skin, sometimes my skin flakes due to the spot treatments so this moisturizer really stopped the flaking from occurring. It has a very mild "skincare product" fragrance which is unexpected because I was expecting it to smell like some sort of flower.

Moving onto the cosmetic products, I have the Giverny Milchak Cover Cushion in 02 Petal Beige. Out of all the cushion foundations I've owned, I don't think I have a black and gold one so this actually my first and I think it looks really cool and chic as compared to the pink ones (from VelyVely and Some By Mi) I've been using!

This cushion foundation has a semi-matte, high coverage finish that will be able to cover up any blemishes, even and brighten up your overall complexion with just a light layer. It is also formulated with a special 'tight-fit' formula that gives the appearance of tighter, smoother looking skin. A picture speaks a thousand words and so I'm just gonna put a before and after photo here.

I'm personally not fond of matte foundations and dewy foundations make me look too oily in Singapore's weather, so my favourite point about this cushion is definitely the semi-matte finish. In addition, this cushion also comes with SPF50+/PA+++ and extra sun protection is always a plus in my books. Since this cushion has a good coverage, I do not recommend building up the layers as I noticed that it can get cakey if you apply more than one layer.

Next up, we gotta conceal using the Milchak Multi Spot Corrector. I have this in the shade C02 Natural Cover which is perfect for brightening up my under eye as well as providing some extra coverage for my darker spots.

This concealer comes with a built-in brush and so I just use the brush provided to apply this on my under eyes. As for my spots, I use my fingers instead to avoid contaminating the brush. The lightweight texture of this concealer is great for my under eye as once it sets, it doesn't crease and it blends in flawlessly with the cushion.

Next, I've got two eyeshadow products, so first we have the Giverny Milchak Longer Shadow Stick in the shade Pink Beige. For those who has been watching my videos since... Maybe 4 years ago? You might know that there was a period of time when I was obsessed with stick eyeshadows, especially pink ones. So when I saw this stick eyeshadow, I knew that I had to try it because it just looks like something I'll love.

This eyeshadow stick is super creamy and pigmented which makes it really easy to glide onto your delicate lids. I love the soft pink glitter shade and I think it'll look amazing even on its own. Since it's called a 'longwear' shadow, it is water and sweat resistance, enabling it to last longer on your lids.


The next eyeshadow product is the Metallic Liquid Eyeshadow. Liquid eyeshadows has been trending for awhile now with many K-beauty brands releasing their own and so I thought I'd try this one from Giverny. The one I chose is in the shade Posh Gold which is a warm, bronze gold shade.

I was really surprised when I swatch this because the glittery came out so evenly and it was so pigmented! You'll only need a little dab of product if you're looking for something more subtle. This has been my go-to eyeshadow product recently as it's so easy and fuss-free to apply, plus, the colour is so gorgeous and appropriate for autumn and winter time!

Moving on, we've got the Sensitive Deep Liner in Brown. This is definitely one of my favourite products out of all because of the sharp brush tip and pigmented colour. My natural eyes are pretty wide which is why my eyeliner is always so thin and fine as I prefer elongating my eyes to the sides instead of making them look wider.

The sharp tip really made it easy for me to draw the line as closely to my lash line as possible and this eyeliner is also water and smudge-proof so you can ensure that it'll stay on your lids for as long as possible.

Our final eye product is the Sensitive Brush Longwear Mascara. This product initially didn't really look like mascara to me because it looked so thin but later on, I realized why. This mascara comes with seriously the thinnest brush I've ever seen for a mascara.

This brush is apparently designed especially for Asian eyes and since it's so tiny, it is able to reach and coat every single lash including the corners as well as our under lash, without transferring the product onto our lids. Thanks to its non-clumpy formula and the thin brush, I find that this mascara makes my lashes look very natural which I love! Similar to the eyeliner, this mascara is also water and smudge-proof.

The last two products are lip products, so starting with the Giverny 95% Natural Lip Glow in the shade Deep Orange, this is a naturally coloured tinted lip gloss which contains 95% of various seeds, flowers and fruit oils to help nourish and provide moisture to your lips.

This comes with a plastic tip, so all you need to do is twist the product until a suitable amount of product is being dispensed before applying it directly onto your lips. This product makes my lips feel so smooth and I like that it has a glossy finish as it makes my thin lips look plump and soft.

The very last product is the Creamy Tint Lipstick in the shade Blooming Coral. Yes, yes, I am still very much obsessed with corals and so I really wanted to try a coral lipstick from Giverny. This lipstick is super creamy, has a semi-matte finish and it also has moisturizing benefits!

I think this lipstick has the prettiest packaging and even though it looks kinda heavy because of the gold, it's actually very lightweight which is great if you're like me and you love to carry multiple lipsticks.

Using the makeup products, I've created a simple makeup look, so if you're interested to see these products in action and how I created the makeup look, make sure to watch my Korean beauty haul + review where I talked about these products as well as the other Korean skincare products included in my Macqueza K-beauty box! In collaboration with Macqueza, they have very kindly provided my viewers and readers a discount code ("GAWJUSS") that will entitle you to receive S$10 off your first purchase so check them out now!

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