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K-Beauty Showcase Event at Suntec City with Hair Plus Korean Salon
Tuesday, 15 August 2017 at 00:00 | 0 Comments
On the 29th and 30th July 2017, the K-Beauty Showcase 2017 was held at the East Atrium of Suntec City Mall. The showcase included numerous shelves filled with samples of products from popular Korean beauty brands which are difficult to find in Singapore stores, such as Cosrx, Labiotte, Dr.Young, etc, for people to test and try out.

Various beauty booths were set up as well such as a makeup booth, and a skincare analysis booth. Of course, a showcase like this will not be complete without a Lucky Draw booth and there was also a $5 Voucher booth where you can purchase a $5 Voucher and use it to exchange for 1 sheet mask + 1 cosmetic product. Really worth it if you were to ask me as the wall of sheet masks includes masks from popular brands like Mediheal, and the cosmetics portion includes products like a full sized lipstick from Beige Chuu (worth ~S$20)!

Song Ji-Hyo's Makeup Artist, Hye Min demonstrating Korea's makeup trends.

Apart from the booths, there were also various programs scheduled such as a makeup tutorial session with Song Ji-Hyo's Makeup Artist, Hye Min, a makeup tutorial session with award-winning Singaporean Makeup Artist Manisa Tan, as well as the program I was there for, the Korean Hairstyle Demonstration with Hair Plus Korean Salon's senior hairstylist, Yuna Jeong.

Before the hair-styling demonstration, I arrived at the venue 2 hours earlier to prep myself, as well as to get my makeup done by Ms. Manisa Tan at the makeup booth.

The makeup she did for me was a little different from what Hair Plus and I were expecting as she did a really dark and black eye makeup for me. If you watch my makeup videos, you'll know that I'll never draw such a thick eyeliner and I always go for a dark brown liner as it is softer than black. She also drew the liner on the outer lower lash line and it made my eyes looked rounder and bigger which I didn't like. I find that my natural eyes are already big and round, so I usually like to extend my liner outwards to elongate my eyes rather than making them look bigger vertically.

Overall, the makeup look would probably look better on someone else and I'm disappointed that it didn't suit me as it made me felt very self-conscious and less confident about how I look. It was also a pity because it was my first time going on an event like that. Hair Plus Korean Salon was also expecting a lighter, Korean-styled makeup look but unfortunately I did not bring my makeup tools and remover to fix it myself. Nevertheless, I'm thankful to have gotten this rare opportunity to have my makeup done by a profession and well-known makeup artist!

Ms.Yuna and I, together with the host.

After my makeup was completed, I headed back to the salon for a hair wash to prep my hair before finally heading down again for the program! The hair-styling demonstration was done by Hair Plus Korean Salon's senior hairstylist, Yuna Jeong, who is based in their Suntec City outlet. Yuna has up to 10 years of hairstyling experience and has even styled various Korean celebrities' hair for fanmeets and events!

The first look was an easy everyday look which is called the C-Curl. Yuna explained that there are two types of C-curls. 'Inner C-curls', whereby the ends of the hair are curled inwards like a 'C' shape to create a feminine and youthful look, and 'Outwards C-curls' whereby the ends of the hair are curled outwards to create a more glamorous and mature look. This look is super easy to do and it is actually something I do pretty often at home too when I'm lazy to style my hair.

The second look is the Waves hairstyle which is basically glamorous, wavy curls. Yuna used a 28mm barrel curling iron to create big, and natural looking waves. Similar to the C-curls, there are the 'Inner Waves' as well as 'Outwards Waves' too. For me, she did the outwards waves for a more 'VS bombshell' look and after the ironing is done, Yuna suggested to use a big brush to comb through the curls for a more natural finish.

Throughout the session, Yuna also highly recommended everyone to use a heat protector before and after we use any heat styling tools to keep our hair healthy and soft.

The last look is an easy up-do that is suitable for pretty much any occasion. According to Yuna, the hairstyle gives off a "Greece Goddess" vibe for a timeless, classy look. She also gave a smart tip to cover up the rubber band with a bundle of hair, for a more put together and neater appearance.

After the program ended, everyone in the audience also got to walk away with a free sheet mask and some of the lucky audiences even got to have their hair styled by Yuna!

Overall, I felt really thrilled to be able to attend this event with Hair Plus Korean Salon. It was my very first time attending an event in front of an audience and it was nerve-racking as I have stage fright! Honestly, I wasn't even expecting to be introduced and interviewed on the spot! Thankfully, the staff at Hair Plus Korean Salon (and the event assistants!) were very kind and warm as usual, and they assisted me during the entire event which helped me calm my nerves down. 

It was definitely a great experience for me, and I thank everyone who stopped by to watch the hair demonstration! 

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