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Wednesday, 1 June 2016 at 00:00 | 0 Comments

Hello! I'm Maureen, and I am a Youtuber/Blogger from Singapore.

The Start of My Youtube Channel

I started out my Youtube journey because I wanted to capture myself for memories, but it slowly developed into a passion for creating and sharing. I also have a strong interest for beauty and fashion as I believe that while both allows us to feel more confident, they are also a way for us to express ourselves as an unique individual. As a person who watches a ton of Youtube reviews to make my buying decisions, I strive to keep my reviews as informative and honest as possible for the benefit of my viewers.

Growing up, I was always drawn to creating things (eg. drawing cartoon characters I see on the TV, cutting up and sewing my own clothes (honestly when I was only 10!), D.I.Ys, paintings, etc). Similar to all the craft-works I have done in my life, I believe every single one of my video represents a piece of work that I have created, and my channel serves as a library to store them.

Visit my channel to see all my videos here!

Want me to feature/review your products/website? Contact me at thatxxrin@gmail.com :)

Past/Ongoing Collaborations

I started collaborating with different companies in 2016, and it was definitely a whole new experience for me. I love doing collaborations because I was able to explore and discover an even wider range of brands that I couldn't before. Hence, enabling me to try out new and interesting products to introduce to my viewers!

thatxxRin x SASA Singapore 
thatxxRin x LUSH Singapore
thatxxRin x Vely Vely
thatxxRin x Waseyo.com
thatxxRin x The Body Shop
thatxxRin x Klarity
thatxxRin x COSME-DE.COM
thatxxRin x Hair Plus Korean Hair Salon 
thatxxRin x iUNIK
thatxxRin x WishTrend
thatxxRin x Black Box Singapore
thatxxRin x W2Beauty
thatxxRin x Ezbuy
thatxxRin x Alive Lab
thatxxRin x PURITO
thatxxRin x TokyoTreat 
thatxxRin x SOME BY MI
thatxxRin x SuperFace
thatxxRin x Nordgreen
thatxxRin x My Beauty Moments
thatxxRin x STHSWEET.com 
thatxxRin x Cobble Pro
thatxxRin x CarbonCoco
thatxxRin x JapanCrate
thatxxRin x BBCosmetics
thatxxRin x BeautiTopping
thatxxRin x Troiareuke Skin Solution (MK Universal)
thatxxRin x ContactsDaily
thatxxRin x Chrysalis Spa
thatxxRin x BeautyBigBang 
thatxxRin x theLaidBlack
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  • It was a pleasure working with Maureen. She is responsive to my e-mails and the quality of the videos she presents to us is remarkable. Maureen’s makeup tutorials are very thorough and explains the procedures very clearly. Her explanation towards products is also very natural and lively. Maureen’s videos will be featured in our company’s Youtube channel and I would recommend Maureen to work or collaborate with other companies and organizations. I would be interested in working with Maureen again in future collaborations. - Karen, Marketing Executive from Cosme-de.com 
  • It was really great to work with Maureen. She has a cooperative attitude and keeps the promise. The videos were up to our satisfaction! I really like her video and I like her products review. I like her editing video too. The collaboration benefited our company! According to her video, we could post her 'real' product review and the customers from international could have more recognition of brand and have more inquiry from Singapore. If other companies asked me to recommend beauty creator, I will say Maureen. She is a really nice person and we have not seen each other but I feel really comfortable when I chat with her. Of course we will work with Maureen again for future projects  as we are going to have other projects very soon! - Irene, International Sales Team from MK Universal (Trioareuke)