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Korea Beauty Haul with Ezbuy
Thursday, 10 August 2017 at 20:51 | 0 Comments
If you live in Singapore but have not heard of Ezbuy... You're seriously missing out. Ezbuy is essentially an agent, kinda like Qoo10 and G-market, where even locals can set up a virtual shop within their website. But apart from local shops, Ezbuy is also an agent for shops from China (Taobao), USA, Korea, and Taiwan! Since a long time ago, I've always wanted to shop on Taobao but because I have the Chinese knowledge of a primary 3 kid, reading Chinese is the last thing I want to do when it comes to shopping. Therefore, my favourite thing about Ezbuy is that the website and app are in English so I can finally easily shop on  Taobao! One thing though, the options are still in Chinese, so it's good to be able to read some simple ones like colours and patterns.

Up till date, I have done quite a number of Ezbuy fashion hauls (1, 2, 3)on my channel and they were all non-sponsored. And apart from the items I've shown you guys on my channel, I've actually bought a hell load of other stuff from Ezbuy because you can literally find everything and anything there. For example, I bought a new keyboard for my iMac, a travel bag for my skincare products, spare office chair wheels, as well as the Crayola Supertips 50 pack for my bullet journal! Oh, even my dotted bullet journal is from Ezbuy... You can also find gadgets and electronics such as cameras, fitness trackers, aesthetic homeware and even furniture! The best part is, everything is cheaper at Ezbuy! If you've watched the fashion hauls I've uploaded, you'll notice that most of the clothes are less than S$10, my berets were like S$2+ and I even got a jumper at S$3!

On my previous Ezbuy fashion haul video, I got some comments asking me where I found those S$10 Korean-styled jeans and I actually got them from this "Ulzzang" section that Ezbuy had. I love shopping on those sections created by Ezbuy as it is already filtered and it saves time. You can shop on their website, but personally I love using their app so I can shop anywhere I want, and of course the app is much more user-friendly on mobile.

Being a frequent user of Ezbuy and a huge Korean beauty junkie, you can only imagine how thrilled I was when Ezbuy approached me to shop on their new 'Korea Marketplace'! In this tab, you will be able to find everything you want from Korea. From clothes, to beauty products, to food, and even your favourite K-pop idols' albums! Everything you find there are 100% Authentic, directly flown from Korea, and they are also cheaper than retail stores! How awesome does that sounds?

Of course, I went straight into the beauty section where it was then further divided into the different Korean brands, and types of product such as eye make-up, base make-up, skincare, and so on. Shopping here was a breeze because I know that all the products listed are 100% authentic and so I don't have to double check on the description. I also noticed that they have ranges that were only available in Korea and not Singapore!

For S$150, I got a total of 12 items... Not that I really needed anymore Korean beauty products, but let's be real, can you really have enough? Majority of the products I got are popular skincare products that I really wanted to try. When I was in Korea, luggage weight and space was a huge problem and so I couldn't get everything I wanted. Thankfully, I can now get them easily from Ezbuy! For a closer look of all the products I bought, make sure to check out the haul video here.

I always get the impression that Taobao takes forever to deliver as I once ordered Taoabo via a pre-order and it took more than 2 months to arrive! But surprisingly, Ezbuy only takes 1 to 2 weeks if the items are shipped by air. I also love how there are various delivery options and timings. My favourite is picking them up myself at a neighbourhood collection point near my house because I hate missing a delivery! Of course if you're getting bulky items, there is a door-to-door delivery service too.

If you are a frequent user of Ezbuy, or if you are planning to get a ton of furniture and homeware from the site, make sure to check out their Prime membership. At only S$99.00 a year (or $8.25 per month), Prime members get access to benefits such as priority access to USA sales, SVIP benefits like 50% off normal agent fee, as well as S$2.99 flat international shipping fees per checkout (great for bulky and heavy purchases)! The S$2.99 flat shipping fee is only applicable to prime items, but as a prime member, you are able to convert non-prime items into prime items by adding them into your wishlist! There will be free 6 wishlists upon sign up and every month, prime users are entitled to 3 wishlists. So basically, you can get 9 wishlists during the first month, and 3 wishlists in the subsequent months.

Even though this haul is very kindly sponsored by Ezbuy, if you know me personally, you will know that I get almost everything from Ezbuy because of its competitive prices, wide selections, and trendy items. So of course, I highly recommend everyone to check out Ezbuy if you haven't already! To start shopping, simply click here to register a new account and get a FREE $10/- shopping voucher (*with minimum of $20 spent)!

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