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FAQ: All about me
Thursday, 4 August 2016 at 00:00 | 0 Comments
During the past years of doing Youtube and basically "going public", I've received many questions regarding myself. So today, I will be answering them once more and I thought that this would also be a good chance for you to get to know me better! Have any more questions you wish to know about me? Feel free to leave them in the comments section! ;)

QNS: Where are you from?
ANS: I'm from Singapore!

QNS: How old are you?
ANS: I'm born in 1992.

QNS: Are you Chinese? Malay?
ANS: I'm a Chinese! But I suck (a lot) in Chinese. My Mom is a Filipino and so we speak English all the time, and no, I don't understand Tagalog (wish I do though).

QNS: Why do you speak in an "accent"?
ANS: Personally, I don't think I'm speaking in an accent because it just comes off so naturally for me.  Of course, being a Singaporean I do speak in Singlish. But my viewers come from all around the world because I do mainly beauty reviews, so I refrain from using Singlish in my videos. I speak the way I speak in my videos when I'm having a presentation or speaking to a stranger too!

QNS: Do you learn/speak Korean?
ANS: Hmmm a little I guess. I have been loving K-pop since I was in Secondary 2 (2007), I self-taught myself Korean since then and I've always taken interest in Korean and Korea's culture.

QNS: Why did you start making Youtube videos?
ANS: Initially, I wanted to simply document my life because I love the feeling of looking back at old photos and videos and reminiscing. Sometimes it gets very, very cringeworthy but I love the feeling of knowing how I was like back then. I watch tons of beauty vlogs, so I thought I'd do them too since my life itself isn't that interesting to be filmed frequently. After I started my full-time job, Youtube is also a way to continue growing and building my interest in creating and designing.

QNS: Is Youtube your full-time job?
ANS: Nope! I do have a full-time job outside of Youtube. Youtube (and this blog) is more of a hobby and interest that I love a lot.

QNS: What are you working as full-time?
ANS: I work in the Corporate Finance sector.

QNS: What does "thatxxRin" means?
ANS: I adopted the username "xxRin" when I was 16 years old. It was supposed to be a twist on my name Maureen. Technically the process went from Maureen to xxxReen to xxRin. I love G-dragon, and he released a song titled "that XX" so... I basically combined the song with my username. Sorry, it doesn't actually have a deep meaning to it lol!

QNS: What camera are you using?
ANS: For my "sit-down" videos, I am using the Canon t6i or EOS 750D with kit lens. And for my "vlogs", I am using the Canon G7 X Mark II.

QNS: What application do you use to edit your videos?
ANS: I'm using Final Cut Pro X.