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Review: BaliMama Organic Skincare Exclusive Box
Tuesday, 29 November 2016 at 08:52 | 0 Comments
Dealing with high levels of stress from my full-time job, I love a good pampering/spa session because it is inexpensive, and you can enjoy it from the comfort of your own home. The key to having a relaxing pampering/spa session is to have the right products for it.

Once again, I have partnered up with Blackbox to bring you this review of the Balimama Exclusive Box. It contains 3 products for you to complete a perfect home pampering session. Get an additional 10% off using my discount code BBXMAUREEN10!

The first product is an anti-bacterial Body Wash (250ml, S$29) which contains ginger, lemongrass, and rosemary. This body wash aims to gently cleanse, cool and moisturize your skin. First off, the smell is so divine. If you love fresh and tangy scents that will perk up your senses and remind you of the beaches and sea breeze, this is it. I love how the smell fills the entire shower as it felt like a good aromatherapy session as well. The body wash lathers well and it leaves my skin feeling really moisturized and lovely-smelling.

After our skin is clean, it is time give it a good scrub using the Body Polish (200g, S$27). This body polish incorporates a traditional Balinese herbal recipe for gentle cleansing and anti-aging properties. It contains Lulur herbs which provides gentle yet effective exfoliation to remove any dead skin cells, so any moisturizers you apply next, will get absorbed in much more effectively. It also contains essences of Frangipani, Rice, Sandalwood powders and Seaweed to help polish your skin, leaving it as smooth as an egg. Lastly, it also contains cocoa butter and olive oil to help replenish any lost moisture. Once again, this smells heavenly! I love how smooth the polish is as some body scrubs tend to be really rough which will cause my body to have red patches after using. This polish however, feels really rich and creamy. After rinsing, I was left with smooth and soft skin.

Onto our last step, we gotta apply a moisturizer to "feed" our skin with its much needed nutrients. The Shea Butter (100ml, S$32) included in this box is rich in vitamin E and... help nourish the skin. Apart from simply providing hydration to your skin, this shea butter is able to treat and prevent stretch marks and eczema, prolonging the youthfulness of your skin. Sitting in the office chair all day long really made my back and shoulders ache, so I love getting my boyfriend to massage my back with this moisturizer and occasionally, I love to pamper him with the same treatment as well.

Overall, I highly recommend this box. Taking care of my body has always been a hassle for me, and I'm pretty sure most of us are not well-disciplined enough to apply lotions on our body every single day. Having this relaxing pamper-myself session helps me to distress and care for my neglected body. The products are beautifully scented which makes me feel like I'm actually in Bali for a spa!

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Review: PHS FEM Hair Loss Prevention Home Care Kit
Tuesday, 8 November 2016 at 22:51 | 0 Comments
If you have been following me on Youtube, you will realise the countless of times I have changed the colour of my hair. Ever since I was allowed to dye my hair (when I was 17), I have gotten them bleached and highlighted for approximately 7 times, and I can't even count the number of times I have dyed them, whether in a salon, or using a DIY kit. Because I was so crazy about having my hair dyed (not to mention, I use a hair straightener almost on a daily basis), my hair is extremely damaged, and my mom would constantly warn me that this would lead to future hair loss due to all the strong and harmful chemicals.

As you can tell, I was never as interested in taking good care of my hair as compared to my skin. However, I was approached by Blackbox again and they very kindly sent me their PHS FEM Hair Loss Prevention Home Care Kit! I was really excited and willing to try this kit out because I figured out that being a beauty guru, I should at least have decent looking hair and honestly, who wouldn't want a luxurious mane?

PHS Hairscience believes that everybody can have great hair. With the unique blend of science, technology and experience, personalized solutions are derived to every haircare issue, whether it be hair loss, oily or sensitive scalp, dandruff problems or simply revitalising dull hair. 

Being the leading hair and scalp expert since 2006, PHS Hairscience have also received countless awards and recognition from beauty experts, international publications and even government agencies and with the belief that Miracles Can Happen, the more than 20,000 customers they have served can attest to that!

The PHS FEM Hair Loss Prevention Home Care Kit contains 5 hair-care products, mainly to target hair loss in women. I personally do not have hair loss, but you don't need to wait until you start losing your hair before you use a hair loss product. Like everything else, prevention is always easier than cure,which is what PHS Hairscience strongly advocates

Moving on to the individual products, first up we've got the much needed shampoo. I'm a really lazy person when it comes to my hair, so I'm really thankful if a shampoo itself would be able to create wonders to my hair. The FEM Hair Loss Shampoo (200ml, S$39) is specially formulated to treat hair loss in women by promoting the regulation of cortex function (the part which gives your hair colour) and stimulating blood circulation in the scalp, promoting hair regeneration. Apart from encouraging hair growth, this shampoo also repairs damaged hair and nourishes the hair roots to prevent hair fall.

My favourite thing about this shampoo is that it is minty and cooling. Although I'm a girl, I'm the kind of person who prefers minty shampoos instead of those with floral scents. Most of my female friends find me weird but I just love the fresh and cool feeling it gives my scalp especially in Singapore where the weather is always hot.

Next up, we've got the ADV Nutrition Hair Conditioner (200ml, S$39). After my hair is freshly shampooed, I like to give it a good wipe using my towel to ensure it is damp (not soaking wet!) before applying my conditioner. I find that this allows the conditioner to be better absorbed and it doesn't drip all over the shower. So this conditioner contains Tomato stem cell and Peptides which aims to provide intense hydration to dull and dry hair, restoring the shine and vitality in your hair.

While the PHS FEM Hair Loss Shampoo is not the best smelling shampoo in the market (it's not a bad smelling shampoo, it just doesn't have your typical floral scent), this conditioner smells amazing. A little bit goes a long way with this one too!

Now that we're done with the basic shampoo and conditioner, let's move on to the more interesting products such as the FEM Hair Loss Tonic (100ml, S$99). The main purpose of this hair tonic is to clear free radicals (reactive oxygen species that damages healthy tissues) and increase blood circulation in the scalp, promoting hair growth. I am actually trying to grow out my hair because I chopped them off earlier this year (because I bleached them and they were sooooo damaged!), so I was especially diligent when it comes to applying this tonic on my scalp.

It came in a spray nozzle so it was really handy and easy to dispense an equal and appropriate amount at a time. I basically section off my hair and spray towards my scalp,approximately 20 sprays per usage
. After which, I just massage it into my scalp for better absorption and distribution.

Next, we've got a sample size (8ml) of the ADV Pre-Treatment Scalp Elixir (100ml, S$99). Once again, we all know that it is essential to exfoliate our face. So similarly, it is important to exfoliate our scalp too! The scalp elixir it essentially a scalp exfoliator as it helps cleanse and remove all dead skin cells on our scalp. Resulting in better absorption of any scalp treatments you apply on your scalp. 

The last product is a sample size (8ml) of the Nutrition Scalp Cleanser (200ml, $39) which is a deep cleanser for your scalp which helps to tame the hair and strengthen the scalp’s protective barrier in order to create a healthy foundation for healthy hair. In actual fact, it is recommended to alternate usage between the FEM Hair Loss Shampoo
and the ADV Nutrition Scalp Cleanser so as to target both issues effectively!

Overall, I really enjoyed using this kit. I noticed that my hair became a lot more manageable even without styling, and my hair is much more healthier and well-kept now. 

As you can tell from the retail prices, these products are definitely not the cheapest in the market. However, you can now get this kit (worth S$177) at Blackbox for only S$123.90! That's a whooping 30% off. Get an additional 10% off using my discount code BBXMAUREEN10 and you'll get to bring home this kit at only S$106.20. What a steal! 

I have also done a video review for this kit so make sure you watch it down below to see the products up close! 

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