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Touching up my roots + Hair Cut with Hair Plus Korean Salon
Tuesday, 18 July 2017 at 09:32 | 0 Comments
When I came back to Singapore from chilly Seoul, I literally felt like I was dying from the heat. I was getting so annoyed with my thick and long hair as it really weighs me down and not to mention, it was such a fuss to style and maintain in this humid weather. With that, I decided to pay a visit to Hair Plus Korean Salon once again to have my hair cut. 

In the past, I'll probably just grab a pair of scissors and start cutting my own hair in the toilet. But ever since I got my first haircut at Hair Plus Korean Salon, I knew what a difference it makes, getting your hair cut by a professional, and so I decided to be patient, and schedule an appointment with them. They very kindly offered to touch up my roots as well which I really appreciate! 

As usual, as hair colouring involves chemicals, they first applied a layer of scalp protector onto my hair to protect my scalp from the harmful chemicals. This is a complimentary service for any of their customers with sensitive scalp, so that they can enjoy the colouring service without their scalp being irritated. After the scalp protector was applied, my hairstylist Jane and her assistant started to apply the dye all over my roots. The process was quick with both of them working on my hair at the same time. Jane also makes sure to go over her assistant's work to check if it was done properly. 

About 15 to 20 minutes later, it was time to rinse the dye off. Hair washes at Hair Plus Korean Salon are done by the hairstylist's assistant and she ensured to use a nourishing shampoo on me because she noted that my scalp looked a little dry. I always enjoy the hair washes at Hair Plus Korean Salon because they are done with so much effort and it literally feels like a massage. 

Since my scalp was still quite dry, Jane used a Scalp Soother Sprayā€ˇ that moisturises and calms down irritated scalp, before she started working on my hair. Then, it's finally time for my hair cut! As I will be attending the "K-Beauty Showcase" event with Hair Plus Korean Salon at Suntec City East Atrium on the 30th July, the event will include a hair-styling demonstration with one of their Korean hairstylist, therefore it was advisable for me to leave a good length of my hair to showcase the different styles. I was actually aiming to go really short, but I ended up only getting rid of about 1 inch of my hair length which I kinda like as well! I love how Jane also helped thin out my thick hair so it's easier to maintain and style. 

If you read my previous blog post with Hair Plus Korean Salon, you'll know that I went for their Korean Cinderella Protein Care treatment again. I thought I'll do a little update on the condition of my hair. Currently, it has been more than a month (I did a treatment on the 12th of June) and my hair still feels extremely manageable and soft! Jane taught me how to maintain the smoothness in my hair and it really worked wonders! I am usually (very) lazy when it comes to my hair and I'd just let it air dry (even without combing haha!), but I decided to take Jane's advice and use a hair dryer after washing my hair and my hair turned out so soft and smooth! After the treatment and hair cut, my hair was easier to manage, and I actually bothered styling my hair again. 

Don't miss out! From now up till the end of July 2017, Hair Plus Korean Salon is having a 10% off promotion for my favourite Korean Cinderella Protein Care treatment, and if you mention my name ("Maureen"), you get to have an additional 5% off! 

After the hair cut was done, Jane styled my hair by giving it some soft bouncy curls and I love it! I've actually never touched up my roots before, like I'd always just go in with an entirely new hair colour, but touching up of my roots made my hair looked more put together and less messy without adding more damage to the rest of my hair. 

Once again, I left the salon feeling extremely pleased and happy with my hair. The pictures above were taken about 1 to 2 weeks after my appointment and my hair still looks so healthy and shiny! I already can't wait for my next appointment with them. For the month of July up till the end of August, Hair Plus Korean Salon will also be having a 20% off their Korean Digital Perm, which is a type of perm that creates C-curls, S-curls, as well as Natural volume wave, so make sure to book an appointment to avoid any disappointments at 6235 2234 (Far East Plaza)/6235 5883 (Suntec City)!

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