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Review: Klara Cosmetics + Summer Make-Up Look
Tuesday, 22 August 2017 at 00:00 | 0 Comments
Klara Cosmetics is an Australian cosmetic brand, launched in 2013. The main highlight of the brand is that all their products are 100% Colour Pigmentation, which means all products are highly pigmented with the maximum colour concentration, to provide long-lasting and intense looks which is perfect for any festivals, events, and summer! A week ago, I received a set of the Klara Cosmetics from Sasa Singapore. The box contained the Klara Cosmetics Pro No.2 Eyeshadow Palette, 3 of the Kiss Proof Liquid Matte Lipsticks, as well as a Kiss Proof Mini Lips.

The eyeshadow palette definitely caught my attention as I was stunned with the gorgeous selection of strong and bold colours. The palette itself is very lightweight and it shuts well with a magnet. If anything, this is not a fanciful-looking palette and in fact it feels quite flimsy. I think it's still travel-friendly, just make sure not to place something heavy over it. The overall appearance and layout did remind me of the Kylie eyeshadow palette and it also does not come with a mirror.

The Pro No.2 Palette has a good mix of berry tones as well as a matte and shimmer shades which is great for summer vacations. There is also a good selection of neutral browns and beige for a more natural look, or for brows, or for contour. Because this palette is marketed to be really pigmented, it really raised my expectations for the eyeshadows and I was quite disappointed with the swatches as they turned out to be just slightly above average. I'd say that it is more pigmented than the TooFaced Sweet Peach palette, but not more than the Colourpop Super Shock Shadows.

I've used this palette to create a summer look which is very wearable for any summer parties, dates and occasions. I decided to go for the bottom row, middle shade as my base colour because I think summer 2017 is all about oranges, corals, and peaches.

To add a punch of glitter, I went in with the middle shade. This shimmer pink shade goes perfectly with the coral base and it also acts as a base for the glitter lipstick we will be applying. Amongst all the lip products I received, the one that caught my attention is the Kiss Proof Lips in Shade 01 Topaz Diamond. This is a glitter lipstick which I thought would look great on the lids.

To darken up for a more defined look, I decided to skip the boring brown and get in with the dark shimmery purple shade. To highlight, I'm using the first shade on my inner corners and brow bone.

This look screams summer to me as it has a good combination of bright pinks and berry. I think this look is perfect with a simple summery white top so the focus will be all on your lids!

Moving on to the lip products, we've got a good selection of matte liquid lips here. Shade 07 Sienna Nude is a medium nude shade and it looks like a mixture of the Kat Von D liquid lipstick in Double Dare and Lolita. This is the most wearable shade for my skintone so I have picked this to go along with the summer look I created.

Shade 20 Birthday Suit is a pale nude shade with pink undertones. As I have medium skintone, I refrain from wearing pale and light lip colours. These matte lipsticks are very watery in consistency which makes it easy to apply evenly as they don't drag across my lips. After they have set, they adhere quite well to my lips and even after a full meal, I still have about 60% of the product left on my lips.

The matte lipstick in Shade 01 Topaz Diamond I used on my lids is my very first glittery liquid lipstick which I think will look perfect for night outs and festivals. Of course, if you're not adventurous to use it all over your lips, this makes a great liquid eyeshadow. 

The last lip product is the Kiss Proof Mini Lips in Vixen Plum and this is a dark plum colour which I love! I think this shade really compliments the warm tone of my skin and will be perfect for the colder months.

Klara Cosmetics has just launched in SaSa Singapore, so if you're interested in high pigmentation cosmetics, make sure you head down and swatch them out for yourself!

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