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Review: Jenn Im's EGGIE Summer Collection 2018 - The Amalie Top
Monday, 11 June 2018 at 09:28 | 0 Comments
My first clothing review of Jenn Im's (also used to be known as 'clothesencounters' on Youtube) clothing line, Eggie, went down pretty well the previous time, probably mainly due to the bad experience I had. I also uploaded a fashion haul on my Youtube channel where I talked about my experience as well and Jenn actually commented on my video (click here and here to see the comment and my reply)! So today, I thought I'd do a part two to update you guys about my experience shopping on Eggie, as well as talk about the new pieces I bought.

Eggie's latest summer collection launched on the 1st of June and it is by far my favourite collection from Eggie. I love off the shoulder cuts, and so I was pleased to find out that this collection has a handful of off the shoulder pieces for me to choose. Although, from a business's point of view, I'm not sure if the saturated amount of off the shoulder pieces is a good thing because not everyone loves off the shoulder tops and dresses, and how many off the shoulder clothes can you get? I personally won't buy more than 2 pieces in one sitting. Even though I love many of the pieces such as the Criss Cross Top in Yellow, the Orchid Dress, the Just Peachy Bodysuit, the Poppy Bodysuit, and the White Stripe Pants, again, I felt like they were pretty expensive and the designs don't really make them "investment pieces". Most of the pieces were a little bit too revealing for me as well, like the Camila Jumpsuit which I would totally buy it if it weren't for its excessive bare back design.

The red/orange Amalie top first caught my attention because I'm currently loving the colour orange and peach, especially since it's summer. I initially planned to get the Amalie Top in red/orange and the Bella Blouse, but after much consideration, I finally settled with two Amalie tops, in orange, and white.

The package came quicker than I expected, which is the same for my previous 2 orders (I also ordered the Spot Top a few weeks ago when it became on sale). They all came within 5 working days which is great! The only thing that's still lacking is the tracking number. For all my packages, I've never received a single tracking number and the standard "your package has been shipped!" email, is always late, i.e. I always receive the e-mail after I've received my package.

Similar to all my other orders, this package came with a zip lock pouch with a "Thanks Eggie" card in it. It's cute, but now that I have 3 successful orders in total, I have 3 of these zip lock pouch and cards and I don't really know what to do with them. I'm currently trying to be more environmental-conscious, so I did feel like this additional thing is a waste since you can't really do anything with it. Instead of the plain "Thanks Eggie" card, I feel like a set of stickers would be better because at least you can still use them for something.

I ordered the Amalie tops in XS, because previously I got the Busan Top and Marie Shorts in S and they were too big for me. But after placing my order, I watched Jenn's Eggie Haul and she mentioned that this top has a smaller cut and we should size-up... This is why I strongly feel that Eggie should really have accurate measurements on their website rather than a rough estimate "sizing guide chart". After watching her vlog, I was a little worried that it wouldn't fit me since Jenn wears an S for the Amalie top.

The Amelie top has a cute and neat lace details at the front, ruffles on the neckline and straps, and it also has a short babydoll flare at the bottom which I think makes it look super feminine, sexy, yet cute at the same time. The top has a pretty long concealed zipper at the side because the material is non-stretchy and so you wouldn't be able to fit into it without unzipping.

I. Struggled. So. Much. Trying to zip it back up. I think it took me a good whole 10 minutes struggling and at one point I even thought XS was probably too small for me that's why it wouldn't zip back up. I tried to remove the top after trying for so long and it sounded like it was about to rip apart! Finally, I managed to zip it back up and it didn't feel as tight as I thought it would so I guess the zip is just... Lousy? I don't know. But it's definitely not because XS is too small for me as even when I was trying to zip it up, it's not like I had to hold my breath in or anything, there was sufficient "space" between the top and my body.

The only area that felt a little tight was my chest area, so if you have bigger boobs (I'm a B), or if you're planning to wear this with push-up bras or something, you definitely need to size up! Because the chest area is a little tight, I think it kinda made my boobs smaller, but personally, I don't really care about boob sizes so this isn't a huge issue for me.

Jenn mentioned that the straps are loose so they're "meant to fall over", but I'm not a big fan of the "fall over straps" look for the orange piece (the white one is still looks okay with the straps down, don't ask me why, I don't know). Overall, I love this top so much! The material is rather thick for a summer top, but I think that makes it looks and feels more like a corset. I can definitely see myself wearing both colours often and I think both would look lovely with denim jeans which is my current go-to bottoms. My favourite part about this top is definitely the mini ruffle details at the neckline.

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