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Review: 3-Step Foot Spa with Carnation Footcare
Monday, 19 December 2016 at December 19, 2016
Previously, I have already done up a review for Blackbox's PHS HairScience and BaliMaMa which is basically a hair care kit and a body care kit (check them out if you haven't!). So now that my hair and body is happy, it's time to have some happy feet (pun intended)!

Being the lazy girl I am, caring for my feet has never come across my mind before. But because my feet were not properly taken care of, I often feel embarrassed when I'm shoe-shopping and it just makes me feel really conscious about them. Apart from using these kits for yourself, I feel like they make the perfect gifts as well as it is one way to show someone that you care for their well-being, and it allows them to have their very own pamper sessions at home.

So today, I will be reviewing the 3-Step Foot Spa box which is retailing at only S$25.90* (U.P S$38.70). There are 3 full-sized products included so one item is technically less than S$10! To get an additional 10% off, make sure to use my discount code BBXMAUREEN10 upon checking out!

To get happy feet, all you need are 3 steps.

The first step is to use the Carnation Exfoliating Foot Scrub (100ml, S$13.90) to scrub away all the unwanted junk on our feet. The built up of dead skin is not a pretty sight, so this foot scrub contains walnut shell that help remove and soothe rough and dead skin, at the same time also cleanses away stubborn dirt from the pores of our feet. It also contains mineral oils to moisturize the treated areas. Apart from removing the thick and hard skin formed on your soles and heels, it also helps prevent them from forming, which sounds perfect for #TeamLazy.

Since I have never cared for my feet, I was pretty sure there were a good amount of dead skin to be removed. I didn't thought that a single use of this scrub would be able to make a noticeable difference but I was wrong! After gently rubbing it all around my feet and rinsing it away with warm water, I was left with ultra soft and smooth feet.

We all know what comes after a scrub, moisturize! The second step would be to apply the Carnation Intensive Moisturizing Foot Cream (100ml, S$11.90) to nourish and moisturize dry and rough feet. It contains peppermint oil which leaves your feet smelling minty fresh! I must say that I really am loving the smell of this stuff, somehow, perhaps because it's December, peppermint on my feet sounds totally like a good idea. Despite it containing an oil ingredient, it feels really light and gets absorbed into my skin easily (probably because of the good scrub from before!) without my feet feeling greasy or sticky.

Now we're on to our very last step which is to apply the Carnation Cracked Heel Cream (50ml, S$12.90). Without frequent scrubbing, our heels are prone to build up a thick layer of hard and dry dead skin which is not a pretty sight especially when it gets so dry, it cracks. The Carnation Cracked Heel Cream is formulated with 20-percent Urea to provide your heels with the much needed hydration. Once again, prevention is always better than cure, so you don't have to wait until your heels start cracking to use this product. Just slap it on! It also contains peppermint for the same fresh scent as the previous product!

Tip: If you have really dried out feet, here's how you can make your own mask for your feet! Before going to bed, simply apply more Foot and Heel cream on both feet (make sure they are completely covered!)  and then wear a pair of soft comfy socks to bed (I use the ones from Daiso as they are really soft and fluffy!). And there you have it! The next day, you will wake up with super soft and smooth feet that smells awesome too!

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