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Aewol Monsant 몽상 Cafe (G-dragon's Cafe) at Jeju Island
Saturday, 10 June 2017 at June 10, 2017
It's a well-known fact that I'm a huge fan of Bigbang's leader, G-dragon ever since I was 15 (oh my god, now I'm 25). So when I was traveling to Jeju Island last month, I knew I had to visit his cafe, Monsant (몽상) Cafe.

Monsant Cafe is located along the Handam Aewol coastal walk which is a 40 minutes drive away from Jeju City. Since my Airbnb was near the Aewol coastal, it only took us 20 minutes to arrive. We couldn't locate it on our GPS using this number 799-8900, and so I just keyed in the Korean words of the address: 2546 애월 리, 애월 읍, 제주도. Still, the full address was unable to be found on the GPS, therefore we just decided to drive to that area and search for the cafe ourselves.

Arriving at the Handam Aewol coastal walk, we were greeted with the beautiful Handam beach! You can also go for transparent kayak here. We parked pretty far away from the cafe since we weren't sure where it is, but there is another parking lot just beside Bomnal Cafe which I highly recommend you to check out too. Once you see Bomnal Cafe, walk towards the back of their cafe and look upwards on your right and you'll be able to spot Monsant Cafe!

 (Heading back down to Bomnal Cafe from Monsant Cafe)

(Heading to Monsant Cafe from Bomnal Cafe)

The exterior of the cafe are these huge mirrors that reflects the stunning sea view. The rocks surrounding the main entrance also ties in well with the coastal environment. There are also seats outside the cafe, and if you walk further down, closer to the edge, there are also beanbags for you to chill and hangout.

I'm no interior design expert so I'll let the pictures do the talking.

Overall, the interior looks chic and edgy and that really translates the unique style of G-dragon. I love how every detail is being noted such as this super cool looking water dispenser that matches the paper cups!

Whilst seated in the cafe, you'll also be able to admire the sea view as the mirrors are see-through from the opposite side. Apart from the sea view, there will also be countless of other visitors checking their own appearances and/or taking mirror selfies while you watch them from inside.

We ordered the Chicken Parma Sandwich (15,000won) to share, as well as a Vanilla Latte (6,500won). Since I had to drive for the rest of the day, I opted for coffee to perk myself up. But I saw many people drinking a dual-coloured cold drink which looks really cool and I think it should be worth a try.

(click here for enlarged version of the menu!)

I personally really liked the Vanilla Latte as it's not that bitter and it kinda reminded me of my favourite White Chocolate Mocha from Starbucks.

The Chicken Parma Sandwich came with a side of fries which was thick, crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. The chicken sandwich though... Is quite tough and the hard bread was quite a struggle to cut it into bite size pieces. It also contains the mint leaves that are popular to eat together with Korean barbecued meat, personally I don't really like the mint leaves and so I took it out. The serving is quite big so it's definitely enough for 2 pax.

Nevertheless, food looks great and is definitely instagramable!

For our dessert, we decided to try out the Jeju Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese (8,000won) and we also decided to shift our seats to the ones outside to enjoy the cool sea breeze. I think it's safe to say that we both really enjoyed the cake as the cream cheese buttercream is smooth and light, and the cake itself is not to sweet as well.

The time spent at Monsant cafe was one of my favourite memories in Jeju Island. Of course, partially it's because I finally get to visit the cafe owned by my favourite person. But also because the view was absolutely gorgeous, and the cafe itself is a huge piece of art that I admire. I highly recommend you to visit the Handam Aewol Coastal area if you're visiting Jeju Island as you'll get to explore both Monsant and Bomnal Cafe (unfortunately, we didn't get to go as we spent too much time at Monsant and had to head to somewhere else), and the beach looks amazing!

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