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Korean Hair Salon Experience in Singapore (Hair Plus Korean Salon) vs in Seoul (Juno Hair)
Saturday, 1 July 2017 at 23:40 | 0 Comments
Korean Hair Salons are becoming a trend in Singapore due to the rising popularity of Korean hairstyles rocked by our favourite Korean idols and celebrities. With the increase in demand of Korean hairstyles, it's no surprise that you will be able to find a handful of Korean Hair Salons scattered across our little sunny island.

Two weeks ago, I dropped by Hair Plus Korean Salon again for the third time to get my hair treated once more. Previously, I did their Korean Cinderella Protein Care Treatment which easily became one of my favourite hair treatments! After the Korean Cinderella Protein Care Treatment, I saw a huge difference in the condition of my hair and I was so surprised and pleased that the treatment lasted for so long. Up till today, I feel like the condition of my hair is so much better than before even though I am not the best at taking care of my hair. Not to mention, I love the light floral scent of the organic treatment which is great for people with sensitive scalp, and it made the treatment process a very pleasant one. Fallen in love with the treatment, I actually requested to do it again on my most recent appointment! 

During the end of May 2017, my boyfriend and I traveled to Seoul for a holiday where he visited Juno Hair, a popular hair salon in Seoul and it is also one of the most recommended hair salons to visit for tourists. So today, I will be comparing our experiences at both salons, to see if there is any major difference in the services provided by the Korean Hair Salons (Hair Plus Korean Salon) here in Singapore vs Hair Salons (Juno Hair) in Seoul.

The interior of Hair Plus Korean Salon (Far East Plaza) is fairly similar to most hair salons here in Singapore. It has a slight retro theme with the black and white checkered tiles, and if you're into the latest K-pop hits, you will enjoy the playlist Hair Plus Korean Salon offers. During my trips to Hair Plus Korean Salon, I always feel comfortable getting my hair done there because the salon is always kept clean and tidy, and that also allowed me to set up my vlogging gear at ease! If you're having your hair coloured or styled, you'll find yourself sitting in the salon for at least an hour.

Hair Plus Korean Salon also has a 2nd branch in Suntec City and the interior is definitely more towards my liking as I love warm interiors as well as wood furniture.

The Juno Hair outlet in Ewha University is approximately 3 to 4 times bigger than Hair Plus Korean Salon. In comparison to local salons, I'd say that it looks more like a high-end salon here in Singapore. The interior is trendy and chic with marble and wood aesthetics. There is also a cafe within the salon that serves free drinks (cafe-styled drinks like americano, lattes and more) and snacks like pretzels for those who are either waiting to get their hair done, or waiting for someone else. One thing I noticed is their automated chairs for hair wash! It looks like a regular chair at first, but once you sit on it, it automatically leans backwards so they can rinse your hair for you.

Both salons also provide a robe for us to put on, to protect our clothes and for girls who are wearing short skirts, I find this really useful in preventing any unwanted exposure. 

Usually, I get very anxious and embarrassed to film in public areas. But surprisingly, during my visits to Hair Plus Korean Salon, I always feel comfortable filming and I'm sure it is because of their team of inviting and friendly staff. Compared to the staff at Juno Hair, the senior Korean hairstylists at Hair Plus are very fluent in English so you don't have to worry about a language barrier. If you're feeling bored, you can also chat up with them to know more about Korea, or tips on how to care for your hair.

In comparison to other salons I've been to in Singapore, my hairstylist Jane is very meticulous and thoughtful. During my most recent appointment, I was only scheduled to do the Korean Cinderella Protein Care treatment. However, because I just came back from Korea, Jane noticed that my scalp was really dry and the skin was literally flaking! I was actually struggling with that as well because it looks like dandruff and it was really bothering me.


(BEFORE - Ugh, dry and flaking scalp!) 

Thankfully, Jane offered to do a scalp treatment for me to help nourish and moisturize my scalp which solved the issue! During my first appointment, I was supposed to try out their Korean Perm. However, because my hair is so badly damaged and bleached, Jane refused to perm it for me as she said that it will further damage my hair and the curls will not last too. To that, I really like how she professionally lay out the consequences for me and gave me useful suggestions and alternatives. I'm now so thankful that I didn't go ahead with the perm because I would probably be fed up with my damaged hair and end up chopping them away!

At Juno Hair, the hairstylists and staff are not fluent in English at all. But as we struggled to speak in Korean, my boyfriend's hairstylist also tried her best to convey her message to us via google translate which we really appreciate! My boyfriend wanted to do a "2-block" haircut, which is a super popular style for men in Korea at the moment, and so she helped him check the length to see if it was suitable before proceeding. Since there was a slight language barrier, they mostly communicated via pictures as well as basic English. During the haircut, my boyfriend also had a few little chats with his hairstylist, even though I'm not sure if she fully understood him. Similar to my hairstylist at Hair Plus Korean Salon, my boyfriend's hairstylist was very meticulous as it felt like she styled every single strand of his hair to perfection. My boyfriend really liked the service provided as well as the end results. He felt that the 25,000won was well-spent as the hair cut also included a hair wash as well as styling.

To that, I feel that Korean hairstylists really take pride in their work as they are very detailed and precise, not to mention skillful. In the past, I used to cut my own hair because I really hated how local hairstylists (especially the older generations) do my hair as they look so 90s and not up to trend. All these while, I thought everything was fine, however, after getting my hair cut by Jane, I realised the importance of having a proper haircut. Before Jane cuts my hair, she takes into consideration the shape of my face to ensure that my hair will frame and compliment my face shape and personally, I think that really made a huge difference in my overall appearance!

When my boyfriend came back to Singapore, he went to the usual salon he used to cut his hair at and requested for the "2-block" haircut again. Unfortunately, the Singaporean hairstylist had no idea what a "2-block" haircut is and she ended up giving him another style of haircut which my boyfriend hated. This incident made us realise that Singaporean hairstylists are not trained or taught to do Korean haircuts or hairstyles, and so if you're looking for a specific Korean-style haircut, it's best for you to look for a Korean hairstylist. In Singapore, finding a Korean Hair Salon is easy, the tough part is to have your hair done by an actual Korean hairstylist as most Korean Hair Salons here also hires Singaporean or Malaysian hairstylists. At Hair Plus Korean Salon, there is no need to worry about that as all of their hairstylists are Koreans, with more than 10 years of hair styling experience. If you are wondering, even the hair products they use are shipped in from Korea!

(AFTER - Look at that shine!)  

(AFTER - I'd just like to add that I completely stopped having those flakes on skin on my scalp after the treatment which proved its effectiveness!) 

In conclusion, both salons are fairly similar in terms of their approachable staff, price, and professional services. The only main difference is you don't have to fly 6 hours to Seoul to get to Hair Plus Korean Salon. So if you're considering to experience the service of a Korean Hair Salon, I'd say definitely give Hair Plus Korean Salon a go as from now up till the end of July 2017, Hair Plus Korean Salon is having a 10% off promotion for my favourite Korean Cinderella Protein Care, and if you mention my name ("Maureen"), you get to have an additional 5% off! Also, for the month of July, they will also be having a 20% off their Korean Digital Perm, which is a type of perm that creates C-curls, S-curls, as well as Natural volume wave, perfect for the summer!

To book an appointment or for any other inquiries, feel free to dial them up at 6235 2234 (Far East Plaza)/6235 5883 (Suntec City)!

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