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Review: Fenty Beauty Pro Filt'r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation & Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer
Thursday, 21 September 2017 at 20:14 | 0 Comments
Despite numerous efforts to convince myself that I don't need Fenty Beauty... I caved in when I saw the actual products in Sephora.

I ended up getting two products that I was eyeing on from the very beginning, and they are the Fenty Beauty Pro Filt'r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation and Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer.

The Fenty Beauty Pro Filt'r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation is retailing at S$50 which I thought is a very decent price for a foundation. It comes in a simple, sleek and classy-looking, glass bottle that is slightly frosted, with a plain white plastic pump. Even though the bottle looks slim, it contains 32ml of product which is pretty average.

With the help of a staff from Sephora, I picked up the foundation in 250 which is a Medium Warm Peach shade.

The foundation is quite runny, but I notice that it dries rather quickly. On my first attempt, I dotted the foundation all over my face and neck before blending it out with my beauty blender and by the time I got to the second half of my face, the foundation was already getting tacky and difficult to blend out. During my next attempts, I dotted the foundation and blended it as I go and it definitely worked better.

Shade 250 turns out to be more yellowish and warmed tone than I had expect, in fact, it's actually quite orange too. Despite it being a warm "peach" shade, I find no hints of peach in this colour. (*Update: I went back and exchange it for a shade 210 which suits my skin tone a lot better!) I'd say that the coverage of this foundation is medium to high as I found it unnecessary to use a concealer with this foundation. If you are more of a healthy glow, dewy finish kind of person, this foundation is not for you as the finish is incredibly matte and velvety. For casual days, I love using only a very light layer of this foundation around the center of my face because it just looks very natural and almost like a second layer of skin.

I find that even with a slightly thicker layer, this foundation feels lightweight and non-cakey. I always apply my foundation without a primer and with a setting powder, and with that, I noticed that this foundation stays in place throughout the day whilst still keeping my face matte.

So is this foundation worth the hype? Yes! I am absolutely impressed with this foundation and I find it to be very similar to my favourite high end foundation, the Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay All Day Makeup. It is extremely long-wearing because it literally just sticks onto your skin which is great for night outs and long days. Since I have oily skin, I also love the fact that it has a matte and velvety flawless finish that lasts the entire day. I personally love using this foundation with a foundation brush, rather than a beauty blender.

On to the Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer, this is one of the products I really wanted to get my hands on. I feel like matte lipsticks will never go out of trend, but the release of this gloss reminded me of the days where I was obsessed with lip gloss! This lip gloss is retailing at S$31 which is very affordable in my opinion. I was looking for a dupe of this lip gloss in Sephora, but all the other lip glosses out there costs over S$40 and so I figured out that I might as well just get this one!

This lip gloss comes in a gorgeous, chunky looking hexagon tube with a reflective cap. The packaging is very simple, but unique in its own ways. The gloss itself is super thick and goey, so I find the larger than average sized doe foot applicator very handy. The shade of the lip gloss is a brown reddish shade with a hint of glitter specks, a very versatile shade which will look lovely on every single skin tone.

So far, I've tried this lip gloss out on a dark lip, a natural pink lip, and on its own, and I must say that I do love how this lip gloss plumps up my thin lips, and because the shade of this lip gloss is so natural and light, it doesn't really alter the original shade of my lip colour. It also has a very sweet candy fragrance which might not be everyone's cup of tea.

So is this lip gloss worth the hype? Not for me... My favourite thing about this lip gloss is probably the shade as it is very natural looking and classy at the same time which is great for both casual and formal days. But while I am in love with it at the moment, it also also way too thick and goey for my liking. I am also not a huge fan of the ultra sweet candy fragrance.

Overall, the quality of the products from Fenty Beauty is definitely great in terms of the actual product and the packaging. Whilst in stores, I also swatched a couple of the duo highlighters and the pigmentation is insane. I think in general, the prices of the products are very reasonable too considering the high quality products. If you are on a budget but you really wish to try out at least one product from Fenty Beauty, I highly recommend you to go for the foundation!

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Review: Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics Eyeshadow Palette
Wednesday, 20 September 2017 at 20:58 | 0 Comments
Even after trying out so many different brands of eyeshadows, Urban Decay's eyeshadows remains one of my top favourites. Recently, they released their latest addition to the Naked range, the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette. I headed into stores, planning to grab one for myself but I noticed how similar the colours were to one another and so I decided to give this palette a miss. The palette that attracted my attention though, was the Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics Eyeshadow Palette.

This palette is by no means a new release, but since it is now one of my new favourite eyeshadow palettes, I thought it was only right to do a full review on this gorgeous palette. I managed to get this palette from Cosme-de.com which costs US$49 as compared to it's retail price of US$54 at Sephora. Don't forget to use my discount code "thatxxrin15" if you'd like an additional 15% off on all your purchases on Cosme-de.com!

Cosme-de.com is an online shop based in Hong Kong and they offer 100% authentic cosmetic products, as well as toiletries such as body products, bath products and fragrances. So if you're looking for any high-end beauty products, make sure to check out Cosme-de.com as I find their prices extremely competitive and reasonable.

The Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics Eyeshadow Palette consists a total of 12 matte shades which is honestly surprisingly to me because I used to love shimmery shades as compared to matte shades. I don't know. It might be the season, it might be the fact that I'm older, now, I'm enjoying matte shades. As fall is approaching, I thought that this is just the perfect palette to create a simple, yet stunning fall makeup look.

As usual, from Urban Decay, you can always expect high quality eyeshadows. Like I said, their eyeshadows remains my favourite and that is mainly due to the high pigmentation and quality of their eyeshadows. The top row makes up of mostly nude shades. My favourite shade from the top row is definitely 'Instinct'. When I first saw it, I thought it was a purple shade as I mentioned in my Unboxing Video. But it is actually a slightly darker nude shade that shows up really well on my medium skin. I love that it has a slight hint of pink which blends lovely into my skintone. On lazy days, I simply sweep this one and only colour onto my lids to slightly define my eyes. This simple eyeshadow shade gives off a very mature and feminine vibe and I think the look is perfect for an everyday use or for more formal office events like meetings and interviews.

Moving on to the bottom row, here comes the darker shades. I absolutely love the variety of matte brown shades in this palette as it can be used for my brow, my eyeliner, as well as nose contour! If you are someone who loves black eyeliner (I'm usually a brown-eyeliner type of girl), there is also a black eyeshadow included. From the bottom row, without doubt, my favourite shade is 'Extra Bitter'. This shade reminds me of the Naked Heat palette as it is a dark orange, brick-red shade. The perfect shade for fall! This shade is the one I go to whenever I am attempting a darker or heavier eye makeup look from this palette.

For US$49, I feel that this palette is definitely worth it. The packaging is as gorgeous as the shades in the palette and since the shades in this palette is very basic, I believe the colours such as brown and nude will never go out of trend for years to come. This palette is also lightweight and travel-friendly as it is slim and sturdy. Not to mention that it comes with a huge mirror!

You can also never have enough Urban Decay eyeshadow brushes, so I'm delighted that this palette included one too. I think this palette will also make the perfect gift for anyone who is just starting out with eyeshadows or has just started experiencing with eyeshadows since the colours are very wearable for any skin tones.

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Review: Klairs Korean Skincare
Monday, 18 September 2017 at 13:35 | 0 Comments
If you are into Korean skincare or makeup, you must have heard of the brand Klairs. Even though majority of the products from Klairs are skincare, their Mochi BB Cushion is one of the most reviewed cushions at the moment! Klairs is a Korean brand that is known for their eco-friendly cosmetics products, free from harsh chemicals like alcohol, paraben and artificial colouring which makes their skincare suitable for people with sensitive and/or troubled skin.

They are also against animal testing which is always a reason to support. When I went to Korea in May 2017, I spotted their products in Aland alongside other popular Korean brands like Heimish and Cosrx. I was contemplating on getting the Klaris Midnight Blue Calming Cream but at that point of them, my luggage was already stuffed full with skincare products.

Thankfully, My Beauty Moments offered to send me a number of Klairs products to try out and I couldn't be more excited! My Beauty Moments is an online shop based in Singapore that sells 100% authentic Korean skincare and makeup products that are difficult (or impossible) to find in our island. A few of the brands they currently carry are Klairs, Cosrx, Eglips, BbiA, Ciracle, By Wishtrend, and more! Even in Korea, it was nearly impossible to find Eglips and BbiA products in stores so I was thrilled to find these brands on their website. One thing I noticed is that their prices are very reasonable and very similar to the prices in Korea. For example, I bought the Cosrx Advance Snail 92 All In One Cream from Korea for S$23 and it costs the same in My Beauty Moments! Also, I bought the Cosrx One Step Pimple Clear Pads in Korea for S$21 and it only costs S$19.90 online.

Delivery is made using NinjaVan which is one of my favourite courier service as well because they deliver really quickly, and they also offer collection points if you are unsure whether or not you will be at home to receive your package.

So as the title suggests, today I will be reviewing the Klairs skincare products from My Beauty Moments. You guys know that I receive so many skincare products from various companies. But even so, I always make sure to test them out for at least 2 to 3 weeks before I review them, just to ensure that my review is accurate and helpful. For this range of skincare products, I have been using them for a month and I think I'm ready to do this review!

After I've cleansed my skin, I always go in with a toner to prep my skin for the other skincare products I'm about to put on. Here we have the Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner.

First off, I love the dark tinted packaging of this product and it reminds me of products from Fresh, The Body Shop and Aesop! When choosing a toner, I always go for non-irritant or low-irritant toners as I have acne-prone skin and I tend to use toners very frequently. Even though I don't have sensitive skin, using an alcoholic toner long-term might cause your skin to become sensitive in the future. Therefore, I'm glad that this toner here is non-irritant (so it's suitable for people with sensitive skin too!) which feels gentle on my skin.

Like I said, I use a toner very frequently. Sometimes, I remove my makeup in the middle of the day and I don't really want to go in with my evening skincare routine yet. So at this point of time, I will often apply only a toner to provide some hydration to my skin. Some toners don't provide hydration but thankfully, this toner contains Phyto-Oligo which is a key ingredient to moisturizing skin.

This toner also ensures that the Ph levels in your skin is well-balanced. Previously, I did a blog post on my favourite Korean skincare products for breakouts and I mentioned the importance of keeping the Ph levels in your skin balanced. When your skins' Ph level is balanced, not only is your skin less dry, but it also allows the other skincare products to get absorbed in and work more effectively.

To use this product, I pour a suitable amount onto a cotton pad and sweep it all across my skin in an upward motion to remove any accumulated or stubborn dirt. So far, I have been thoroughly enjoying this toner as my skin hasn't broke out due to the change in skincare products. Unlike my other toners (eg. Mamonde Rose Water Toner, Son&Park Beauty Water...), this toner is also thicker in consistency and it also has a very light calming fragrance which I love!

Next up, we've got the Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Cream, which is the product I have been wanting to try!

The packaging is similar to the toner which is cute but this time round, it's a tub and I love the visual of the actual product more! This is definitely the first time I've used a cream that's blue! Don't worry though, as once you smooth it on your face, it doesn't turn you into Avatar. The blue hue is caused by an ingredient called Guaiazulene which is a plant-based ingredient extracted from Chamomile, and it's known to be able to help calm damaged skin cells and regenerate new ones.

Like the name suggests, this cream helps to calm and soothe any irritations and redness. Being acne-prone, my skin tend to go red with inflammation and spots, especially after a facial. Other than the redness caused by acne, this cream also helps to soothe and protect your skin from skin irritations caused by heat and external factors. I don't think this product is very moisturising on its own even though it is quite thick, and I believe it should be used more for what I've mentioned above rather than to provide moisture. Therefore, after applying this cream on any redness on my face, which is mainly my cheeks due to the heat and any breakout areas, I will still go in with my regular moisturiser to ensure ample hydration. This product is also recommended to be used at night, to help calm your skin while you get your beauty rest.

One simple tip I have is to put this cream in the fridge before applying. Sometimes when I have a breakout, my skin tends to get sensitive and itchy, and so I love using this to soothe the affected area and the cold cream just makes it even more cooling and less itchy.

Before I step out the house, I always make sure to apply sunscreen on my face first. Sunscreen has been an important part of my skincare routine and thankfully, I have finally cultivated the habit of applying sunscreen. So up next is the Klairs Midday Blue Sun Lotion! As you can tell from its' name, this product is also blue due to the same ingredient, Guaiazulene.

This sun lotion brightens up my complexion which I love because I have dull skin. But if you are only going to appear sunscreen, aka if you won't be applying any foundation over it, you do need to control the amount to put on, especially if you have medium or dark skin tone, as too much product will turn your skin way paler than it is which might appear unnatural. I love that the brightening effect stays on throughout the day too.

This sun lotion is quite thick and I personally think that it takes a slightly longer time to blend it all out, also because of its blue hues, you really want it to be evenly blended in. After blending, I noticed how the blue tint really does helps to cover up any redness which leaves my skin looking clear and fresh. As it contains the same key ingredient as the cream above, you basically get similar benefits such as protection from skin irritants such as UV rays and the heat.

The last product from Klairs is the Rich Moist Soothing Sheet Mask.

To live up to its eco-friendly name, Klairs uses only 100% pure organic cotton sheet masks that is soft and comfortable to wear. I feel like this mask is suitable for people with both dry or oily skin because it not only gives hydration to your skin, but it also tackles the problem of sebum production.

It is recommended to pop this mask into the fridge for about 5 minutes before applying so the cold temperature can further enhance the soothing treatment of this mask. Cold masks are one of my favourite things in life, especially when it's so hot outside. I personally love using this mask whenever my skin feels a little irritated from the heat or acne. After using it, my skin feels calm and less red and the pure cotton sheet makes it very comfortable to wear too.

Overall, I have enjoyed the products from Klairs, my favourite product is definitely the toner and the sun lotion because I have been using them every single day. I like to use my toners interchangeably, but I find myself going to this one more than the rest of my toners. As for the sun lotion, I just love how it brightens up my skin tone and cancel out all the redness that I frequently have on my cheeks. It also feels lightweight after it has absorbed into my skin so it doesn't get mixed up together with my foundation. So far, I believe all the products are working effectively as none of the products are causing any bad reactions to my skin.

If you are keen on trying these non-irritant skincare products from Korea, make sure to head on over to My Beauty Moments to check them out, and if you'd like to see these products in action, feel free to click here to watch my video review of these goodies!

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