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Introducing Lush's Mother's Day Bath Bombs
Monday, 30 April 2018 at 00:00 | 0 Comments
My mum is a hardworker, and I think that's mainly because she loves and cares so much for each and everyone in my family. She's the one who does all the housework, she's the one who cooks all our meals, she's the one who voluntarily tidies our stuff, and she's the one who will always put us before herself. I'm forever thankful to have such a wonderful and caring mum in my life, unfortunately, I'm not one who expresses my gratitude well because of how introverted I am and how I hate showing my emotions (any INFJs here?). Thankfully, we have Mother's Day - a day specifically to thank the wonder woman in our lives.

Mother's Day is approaching in less than a month's time, and if you're still clueless on what to get for your mum, fret no more, as today I will be sharing with you the new limited edition Mother's Day bath bombs from Lush which will make the perfect at-home-pamper-myself gift, this Mother's Day.

1. Mum, Look What I Made You

First up on the list is this adorable flower bath bomb. When I was in primary (elementary) school, I used to buy a single stalk of fake flower from my school's bookshop for my mum during Mother's day and for some reasons, this bath bomb just reminds me of those single stalks of flowers I used to bring home for her. Maybe it's because of the messy pattern on this bath bomb that makes it look like the work of a primary school kid.

This bath bomb is definitely my favourite out of all the bath bombs I'll be sharing today because it contains coconut milk powder, cocoa absolute, coconut blossom nectar, as well as almond essential oil which makes it the most delicious, tropical smelling bath bomb. This bath bomb is soothing, nourishing, and you bet she's going to step out of the bath with soft, moisturized, baby-like skin.

I think this bath bomb is the perfect alternative for those mums out there who just can't keep real flowers alive and would prefer someone "usable".

2. Incredible Mum

Have you ever thought, "wow, my mum is incredible!"? Well, I definitely have in numerous occasions. Especially when she smacks those bugs till they're dead, when she wakes up in the wee hours just to prepare and pack breakfast and lunch for me (yes, even now when I'm 26!), when she cooks dinner every single night even after a day of work, and so much more.

If you think your mum is a superhero, then the Incredible Mum bath bomb cannot be more suitable for her. This bath bomb has a blend of uplifting citrus scents from the orange flower absolute and bergamot oil, and a touch of sweet calming scent from ylang ylang oil to keep her energy recharged for another busy day being a supermum.

Can we also notice about how cute this bath bomb looks with the eye mask and cape?

3. Madame President

Last on the list is the Madame President bath bomb which is designed similar to the US flag. I love the vibrant blue on this bath bomb, as well as the distinctly-shaped stars! The other half of the bath bomb is a hot pink which once mixed with the blue, will transform your bath into a magical purple shade - my mum's favourite colour actually!

This bath bomb contains grapefruit oil which adds to its uplifting and fresh fragrance, alongside petitgrain oil which not only provides a punch of fresh floral scent, but it's also known for it's antiseptic properties as it's able to help counter depression, anxiety, cough, cramps, congestion, and more! Being a mum is not an easy task, and we, as children, often brings her more stress than we should. So I think this bath bomb is perfect to help our mum distress by keeping her physical, and mental health in check while she relaxes her tired muscles in a hot bath.

And that wraps up the newly released bath bombs for Mother's Day! Can't make up your mind on which bath bomb is most suitable for your mum? Why not get all 3 in the Incredible Mum gift set! This gift set includes all 3 bath bombs to guarantee your mum 3 relaxing at home pamper sessions, and the best part is, it's already wrapped. I personally love a bath with bubbles, so while you're at it, make sure to check out the Mother's Day bubbleroons too!

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