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Review: Etude House's Blend 4 Eyes in Dried Rose
Monday, 20 June 2016 at 21:44 | 0 Comments
Today I'm reviewing one of the prettiest eyeshadow quad ever, Etude House's Blend For Eyes in shade 1 "Dried Rose".

I went into Etude House in hopes of getting a makeup remover, and I stumbled upon this beautiful eyeshadow quad. I ended up getting a bunch of products, so after discount it only cost me approximately $12 (U.P $17.90). If you ask me, $17.90 is pretty worth it for this pretty palette.

The packaging is slightly flimsy looking. In my opinion, Etude House's eyeshadow palettes always look like they're about to come apart or fall out of their holders. But with the price, I think it can be looked over.

The latest Korean beauty trend now is the shade Dried Rose / Rose / Dusty Rose. It is basically a dusty, muted, mauve pinkish red and it can range from a nude pink, or a dark and deep burgundy. It is highly popular in lip products and also, eyeshadows. Being someone who loves wearing pink on my eyes, I am obsessed. 

Now Etude House's Blend For Eyes comes in 4 shades (i.e. 4 different quads), the one that attracted me the most was shade 1, "Dried Rose". I literally gasped the moment I swatched it whilst I was in store. 

This quad contains 2 shimmer shades, and 2 matte shades.

(with flash)

The first shade is a rosy pink shimmer with hints of champagne and coral. It's quite similar to a rose gold shade but with more pinks in it. I think the slight coral tone made it really special and summery! 

The second shade is a medium brown shimmer which is a must-have in any eyeshadow quad because this shade is so important for providing extra depth and definition to your eyes.

The third shade is a mauve peach matte shade which is so pretty you can definitely wear it on its own.

The last shade is a deep pinky burgundy matte shade, and this was the shade that convinced me that I had  to get this palette. 

I have been digging eyeshadow quads recently, I feel like they are so easy to use and so portable. I have been buying eyeshadow palettes and I always end up not using a couple of shades in the palettes. On a contrary, I always use every single shade in an eyeshadow quad. Even though it seems like there are only 4 shades to choose from, you can create so many different looks with it. 

I have created 3 different looks with this quad, so take a look!

⓵ Simple and Sweet

I think this look is perfect for daytime as it is refreshing, light and easy. I would personally wear this look if I were to go on a brunch date with my girlfriends, or boyfriend. Or even to the theme park where I don't want to look like I'm overdoing my make-up. 

⓶ Romantic

Hands down, this is my favourite look. It is not too dark and smokey, and not too light. It's... Somewhere in the middle. I think this is suitable for shopping dates, special dates like Valentine's Day or your anniversary date, or even weddings where you want to look sophisticated and put together. 

⓷ Sexy and Bold

Whenever I get a new eye shadow palette (or quad), I always feel like it is necessary to do a smokey look. Personally, I don't wear a smokey eye look often but I know many others who do, so this is for you! I quite like this smokey look because of the pop of pink that makes it less harsh but more fun. 

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