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Review: Troiareuke Skincare Products
Monday, 25 July 2016 at 08:46 | 0 Comments

Hi! Today I am reviewing 3 products from the Korean Skincare brand, Troiareuke. I'm not sure if you remembered, but I previously did a review on 2 of their products on my Youtube channel last month. If you haven't catch that already, you can check it out here. I also did a write-up review of the Troipeel H+ Cushion here. MK Universal kindly sent me 3 of their products to try out again and no, I am not asked or paid to write this review for them. As usual, all opinions and thoughts are my own.

Initially, I already had a set of skincare routine (click here to watch my skincare routine) that I stick to everyday. However, to test if these products really suits me and does wonders to my skin, I basically scrapped my entire skincare routine and now, I am only using these 3 products (and my trusty Son & Park Beauty Water of course, because an exfoliator was not included among the 3 products).

Shall we begin with a little background story of my skin? I believe I have combination skin, but I'm mostly oily. I only get dry around the tip of my nose sometimes but in general, I'm usually an oily girl. I am definitely very prone to breakouts, especially during that time of the month. With that said, I usually breakout around my chin and jaw area as that's when "hormones are changing". I also breakout on random spots like on my forehead, around my eyes, etc. In short, I am quite acne-prone. And just like any of you out there, when the pimple is gone, sometimes it leaves a spot there which takes... I don't know, sometimes weeks, sometimes months to go away.

Before they sent me these products, I have sent them a photo of my bare face so they know what kind of skin I have and what products will suit me. So I guess these products I'm about to talk about are more suited for oily girls like me.

Alrighty! Enough with the blabbering, let's begin with the first step out of the three.

The first step after I've cleansed my face, is to apply the Troiareuke Skin Complex Formula 50ml (US$20).

This one is really interesting because it comes in a spray bottle! A couple of days before I received this, I went into Innisfree and I saw a toner or essence (can't remember honestly, it was random) which came in a spray bottle. I tried it on with my friend and I even told her how I really liked the idea of putting it in a spray bottle because you simply save the trouble of using cotton pads! Coincidentally, this came in a spray bottle.

So this is essentially a toner and its main function is to boost cell activity and provide a moisture shield for your face. It contains Pycnogenol which is an extract from a plant and is known to have many health benefits. However, since we're talking about putting this on our face, just know that it promotes cell activity, is an anti-oxidant, and it helps defence against aging. Previously, in my review for the Troipeel H+ Cushion, I also talked about the moisture shield function. The moisture shield can supposedly protect your face from external factors and also keeps your skin in a good environment for self-healing!

To use this toner, simply shake first before spritzing it all over your face (or if you prefer, you can also spritz it on a cotton pad). I usually do 2 spritz, because I don't have perfect aim, before patting it into my skin for better absorption.

Next, right after my toner, I apply the Troiareuke A.G.T Hydro Essence 50ml (US$20).

A.G.T stands for "Amino-acid Gel Technic" which is why this essence comes out of the tube in a gel-liked form. If you've been watching my videos, you'll know that I love gel moisturisers instead of those creamy ones because I'm oily and gel ones tend to be less oily and they get absorb in super quickly. This essence supposedly provides a good amount of moisture and hydration to your skin, whilst still gets absorb quickly, leaving your skin non-sticky and fresh. Thought I'd add in that A.G.T also has an adorable nickname which is "AnGel's Tears"!

Personally, I love how this feels on my skin. Once I rubbed it into my skin, it just melts into a watery and smooth texture. A little goes a long way too! I only use about a pea-size amount for my entire face. It actually feels like a little water balloon, once you work it into your face, it just bursts with watery goodness! If you're particular about the scent of your skincare products, this one doesn't have any strong scent to it.

Apart from using it daily in your skincare routine, you can also use it as a sleeping pack for your face and body! Just pop it in the refrigerator to solidify it a little bit, then apply a thick (0.5cm) layer of essence on your face and leave it on while you sleep. Next day, you'll wake up with extra moisturised baby soft skin!

Last of all, I will apply the Troiareuke AKNE-C Formulated Ampoule 20ml (US$60).

This ampoule is suitable for people with acne like me so I was really excited to use this because I can't even remember the day when I have zero-acne. They offer other ampoules to suit your personal skin needs. This ampoule smells really potent, which convinced me that I'll only need a teeny tiny little drop for it to make wonders to my skin. It contains phytochemical which is a natural chemical, formed naturally by plants to protect themselves. Thus, this ampoule also helps to protect our skin effectively.

There are 2 ways to use this ampoule. Personally, I simply drip a little drop directly onto my trouble areas like my forehead and chin area, and then using my hands to pat it into my entire face (but concentrating more on the troubled spots). Another way, you can actually pour either half, or the full bottle into the Troiareuke Skin Complex Formula spray bottle, mix it up and spray it onto your face directly! Sounds really fun to be honest, like a little cocktail mix for your face! After I'm done spot-treating my face, I'm definitely gonna start mixing them up. That would be so convenient!

Overall, after using these products for only about 2 weeks, I have already seen a difference in my skin. I have significantly stopped breaking out and all the pimples on my face were starting to heal pretty quickly! Before I started this routine, I had a few pimples on my forehead, around my eyes and on my chin and jaw area. But now they are mostly (I'd say 95%) cleared! I'm extremely happy with the results and hope that it will maintain it that way. As for application, I love how lightweight everything feels on my skin and doesn't make me feel greasy or oily.

If you are interested to purchase any of the products mentioned, hop on to their Facebook page here and drop them a message telling them you're interested and they will direct a link for you to purchase!

Watch my video review on the 3 products below here!

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