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Whimsical Mermaid Halloween Make-Up Tutorial with SASA Singapore
Thursday, 13 October 2016 at 10:52 | 0 Comments
Halloween is not all about horror creatures, ghosts, zombies, vampires and all things scary. So if you're like me and you're not a fan of creepy stuff, why not be a Whimsical Mermaid this Halloween!

Partnering up with SASA Singapore, I'm bringing you yet another Halloween make-up look. I'm so happy with how the look turned out, so let's begin!

For my foundation, I am using the Nouba Stamina Foundation in the shade 101 which is a fair beige shade. Then setting it with the Gosh's Prime N' Set loose powder. I'm currently loving this loose powder because of how fine and soft it feels on my skin.

Now for my mermaid scales, I'm taking my wig cap and putting it over my face. The webbed design of the cap makes the perfect stencils for scales! We're going for a blue, purple and pink combo. First, I'm picking up this blue shimmer shade (Nouba's Nombra Eyeshadow in 408) as a base and just buff it into my skin. Make sure you use a dotting motion so that you don't ruin the stencil! For pink, I'm using the darkest pink shade in the Gosh's 9 Shades Palette in Shade To Play With In Vegas. Blending the pink above the blue base creates purple which is just what we want!

After we're done, remove the stencil to reveal your mermaid scales! Use a make-up remover to remove any make-up on your wig cap and let it dry as we will be using it later on. 

Very quickly, I'm filling in my brows as per normal using the Cyber Color's 24Hr Eyebrow Duo in Brown

Moving on to the eyes, I'm picking the lighter blue shade in the Nouba's Double Bubble Eyeshadow in shade 23 and applying it on the outer "V" of my eyes as a base. Then, using the darkest blue shade in Gosh's 9 Shades Palette in Shade To Play With In Vegas to intensify the outer corners. Take your time blending the light shade and the dark shade together.

Next, picking up the darker blue shade in the Nouba's Double Bubble Eyeshadow in shade 23 I am applying this on the center and inner parts of my lids. This blue shade has a hint of purple tones so it helps blend the blue shadows with the purple shade we will be adding next. 

Moving on to the purple shade, I'm using the Cyber Colors Cush Auro Eye Pot in the shade Lilac Shine and applying it onto the centre, and inner parts of my lids. Feel free to stack it to intensify the colour. Take a brush and blend it gently together with the blue shadow.

With the darkest blue shade in the Gosh's 9 Shades Palette in Shade To Play With In Vegas, create a wing at the end of your eye. Then, with the darkest pink shade, line your lower lash line and drag this line all along the bottom of the blue wing. I'm then taking the Cyber Colors Cushion Aurora Eye Pot in Rose Gold to layer this on top of the pink shadow for more shimmer.

Pop on some fake fluttery eyelashes and the eye look is completed.

I will be creating a purple and pink ombre lip, so I am first gonna apply the Gosh's Forever Lip Shine in the shade 007 Funky Friday on the inner parts of my lips. Then I'm applying the Nouba Rouge Bijou lipstick in the shade 04 Orchid on the outer part and then blending the two shades with my fingers. To add more shimmer, I'm taking the Cyber Colors Cushion Aurora Eye Pot in Rose Gold and applying a bit on the center of my lips.

Now put on your costume, and the look is completed!

Once again, we are having a giveaway! All you have to do is to head over to SASA's Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/SGSaSa/videos/10154526438749424/), like the video and comment below what are you dressing up as this Halloween 2016. Make sure to share it with 5 friends and you're entered!

I wish you all a very good luck, and Happy Halloween! 

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