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Review: Eclado Oil Free Sun Cream SPF40 PA++ with W2Beauty.com
Sunday, 22 January 2017 at January 22, 2017
About 3 years ago, I used to skip putting sunscreen on my face as I thought, since my foundation has SPF, it will be good enough. Well surprise surprise, it's not. There is a simple reason why there is the term "harmful UV rays". UV rays are not only harmful to our eyes, but also to our skin. It destroys the Vitamin A found in our skin and it is one of the main causes of skin aging, dullness, and other skin problems. Despite applying skincare products, many of us still fall into the hands of aging and skin dullness, and it is simply because of the fact that our skin are not well-protected under the sun. Staying indoors? Well, that doesn't shield you from the harmful effects of UV rays as certain light bulbs produces UV rays too.

So why be a victim of UV rays when you can protect yourself by simply applying sunscreen daily? While applying sunscreen everyday may seem to be a hassle, I have cultivated the good habit of doing so because I just love the sunscreens I have been using! If you have been following me on my Youtube channel, you will know that I have been absolutely loving the Dr.G Brightening Up Sun as it is not just a sunscreen, but it also brightens and tones up my skin. Having dull skin, I fell in love with this product as putting foundation was no longer necessary for everyday use as long as I have this sunscreen with me. So I guess the key to developing the habit of applying sunscreen, is to actually use one that you love.

So I was introduced the Eclado Oil Free Sun Cream SPF40 PA++ about a month ago and honestly, this is all I have been using recently. I was given a couple of products to choose from and I chose this one because I have been using the Dr.G Brightening Up Sun for nearly half a year now and I really wanted to try out something new for my sunscreen. I have heard many good reviews about this product and it was also featured on popular Korean beauty talk show, "Get it Beauty".

Similar to Dr.G, Eclado is a skincare brand which I trust more in protecting my skin compared to Cosmetic brands. Looking at the prices of their skincare products, I think it is safe to say that it is a slightly more high-end brand, possibly comparable to my favourite Korean skincare brand, Troiareuke.

So what makes me reach out to the Eclado Oil Free Sun Cream everyday?

Well, although many sunscreens protect your skin from the sun, sunscreens tend to be thick and oily under your make-up and it is also known to clog pores. Having combination to oily skin, I love how this sunscreen has an extremely lightweight and smooth texture. Having it on my skin and even under my make-up doesn't feel uncomfortable at all, and it doesn't make my skin greasy or shiny throughout the day. Since I have dull skin, it also has a slight brightening effect which I really appreciate. Most of the facial sunscreens I have used in the past tend to have the smell of regular sunscreens (like the ones you use when you go swimming), however this one is odourless.

Overall, I definitely recommend this sunscreen if you have oily skin. Even though it may be slightly pricey for a sunscreen, I find that using a good sunscreen really makes a difference in my skin as it looks brighter and clearer. If you are suffering from any skin problems such as acne, a good sunscreen will be able to shield and protect your skin, helping it to heal even faster.

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