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Review: LUSH's Ladybug (Ladybird) Bubble Bar
Sunday, 26 March 2017 at 22:18 | 0 Comments

Ever since my collaboration with LUSH (here and here), I have been obsessed with taking baths, and no bath can be completed without a LUSH bath product! So about a month go, I dropped by a LUSH store at Wisma to pick up some more bath products for myself and I ended up with 2 bath bombs and 2 bubble bars! 

As you can already tell, today I will be reviewing the LUSH Ladybug (Ladybird) Bubble Bar, which was recommended to me by one of their salesperson! I decided to pick it up as it smelled quite relaxing and uplifting. 

Previously, LUSH sent me their Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar and I crumbled it onto a sieve and allowed my tap to run through it. I broke it into half and used it on 2 occasions. Since it was my first time using a bubble bar, I still wasn't quite sure of the technique and so my Unicorn Horn did not form much bubbles. However this time round, I finally found the correct way to use a bubble bar!

You can still use a sieve if you want to, but I was too lazy to grab one and so I simply let my tap run through the Ladybug while I slowly crumble it up. I decided to use the entire bubble bar for this bath as I wasn't planning on using any other bath bombs or bath products. 

After I'm done crumbling my bubble bar, it's time to form those bubbles! All you need to do is to vigorously "activate" or "mix" or "stir" or... Simply create big motions in your bath tub! This honestly makes ALL the difference, I mean look at those bubbles! 

The Ladybug Bubble Bar's main ingredient is Peppermint oil which is supposed to give your bath a relaxing and balancing scent. Unfortunately, I couldn't really smell the peppermint but nevertheless it was definitely a pleasant and uplifting scent. Just as any other bath products from LUSH, the bubble bar really helped soften the water, making it ultra comfortable and moisturising to soak in. The bubble bar also turned my bath into an orangey red shade.

Overall, I had a really enjoyable bath. As of right now, I have only tried out the Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar as well as the Ladybug Bubble Bar, so if I have to pick one that I prefer, it would definitely be the Unicorn Horn as it has a more relaxing lavender scent which... You should know by now, it's my favourite scent! As for the Ladybug Bubble Bar, instead of relaxing, personally I think it's more of an uplifting scent. So if you're looking for anything to spice up your bath or add a humongous amount of bubbles to your bath, make sure to check this bubble bar out! 

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