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Review: NoTS Korean Skincare (Aqua Barrier collection)
Saturday, 1 April 2017 at 21:34 | 0 Comments
Today I will be reviewing 3 skincare from a brand called NoTS. NoTS is a relatively new Korean beauty brand that started out in 2011. The highlight of this brand is how they focuses on using premium natural and organic ingredients to produce high quality and effective skincare and make-up products that is suitable for all skin types.

Whenever I receive new skincare products, I will always make it a point to incorporate it into my currently skincare routine to test them out before I review them to give you guys my honest opinions on the products. So for these skincare products, I have been testing them out for more than a month!

The first product is the Aqua Barrier Hydro Softener which is what they call a Water Supplement. It contains 3 types of water - Birch sap, Witch hazel water and Green tea water to retain and add moisture to your skin. Since the ingredients are fairly simple and natural with no irritants such as additional fragrance, coloring, alcohol and etc, it works great on all skin types especially dry, sensitive and irritated skin as it will help calm your skin while leaving it feeling soft and hydrated throughout the day.

It also contains Ceramide and Amino acid complex that helps restore hydration and also increase your skin's ability to retain moisture. To use this product, I simply pour about a pea sized amount on to my palms and gently press it against my face for maximum absorption. The product itself is very lightweight and does not leave my skin feeling sticky afterwards. After using this produce, my skin felt fresh and definitely hydrated. I think it this a great additional step for anyone who has dry and sensitive skin, or even acne-prone skin as I feel like it would be a great product to calm down any skin irritants.

Next up, we've got to moisturize. Coming from the same range as the previous product, this is the Aqua Barrier Levelup Cream. Once again, this cream focuses on restoring, delivering and retaining the moisture in our skin. It also has similar ingredients and properties as the previous product such as the 3 types of water, as well as low-irritation formula.

Apart from which, it contains other elements that reduces the visibility of dead skin cells, which results in smoother and clearer looking skin. Again, this cream contains Ceramide to lock in moisture for up to 24 hours for a dewy youthful look all day long. Ceramide is also known to have anti-aging properties is which great if you're in your mid twenties like I am (prevention is key!). Previously, I was using an anti-aging cream and it is a little bit thick for daytime use, so now I have switched my day moisturizer to this one instead as it is much lighter and sits well under my make-up without causing my skin to feel or look oily.

The final product is possibly my favourite one. Also coming from the same range, this is the Aqua Barrier Lotus Essence Mist. This mist contains a special type of water called Seolyeon Flower Extract, which is also known as the herb of the emperor, which helps moisture the skin inside and out. Apart from which, it also contains 7 botanical oils to refresh and condition your skin. Similar to the rest of the products, this mist is also low-irritant which is great for all skin types.

What I love about this mist is how light and refreshing it is to use especially during hot and humid days. You can use it before and after make-up as it is supposedly able to help your make-up last even longer too. Since the mist is so soft and fine, you don't have to worry about it ruining your make-up!

Overall, I did enjoy these skincare products as they can be easily incorporated in my daily skincare routine. My favourite part about these products is how gentle and soothing they are so I can use them without fear that it would cause any irritants or break outs to my skin. If you have sensitive or easily irritable skin and have troubles looking for non-irritant skincare products, definitely look out for the products in this brand. Currently, Nots products are available at all Sasa outlets, so feel free to head down to check them out for yourselves!

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