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Review: Tarte's Magic Wands Brush Set (Limited Edition!)
Saturday, 6 May 2017 at 22:10 | 0 Comments
The last time I got myself new brushes was probably in 2015 where I bought the Zoeva Rose Gold brushes. Technically speaking, I have enough brushes to live with, but when I saw Tarte's Magic Wands Brush Set, I pretty much convinced myself that it's time to treat myself with some new brushes (teehee).

About a week back when I finally decided to order one for myself, it went out of stock! Thankfully, few days later, it was available again and I bought them without any hesitation. Do note that these brushes are Limited Edition so once they're gone, they're gone!

It's called the Magic Wands Brush Set, but everyone is calling them Unicorn Brushes and I guess it is because the handle really looks more like a unicorn horn as compared to a magic wand. Also, the bristles are in a lovely mix of pink, purple, turquoise and green which are colours usually associated with unicorns! Personally, I'm not that into cutesy stuff like unicorns, and I must admit that these brushes looks way out of place in my brush holder (which is copper-plated,... which happens to match really well with my Zoeva rose gold brushes). But still, I have to say that these brushes looks flipping adorable and what actually made me purchase them is the quality of these brushes as compared to the appearance.

First of all, they are really lightweight and long. As I have mentioned, I don't exactly have a huge collection of make-up brushes, but comparing them with brushes from Zoeva and Real Technique, they are definitely lighter and much longer in length! I really liked that as I find it easier to make lighter strokes with them.

Secondly and most importantly... They are REALLY SOFT, and should I say flexible? Brushes with prickly bristles are the worst and although the brushes from Zoeva are really soft too, I find that Zoeva's powder brush can be quite stiff which makes it difficult to apply loose powder evenly all over my face without potentially smudging my liquid base. These brushes on the other hand feels very gentle on my skin which makes them perfect for applying thin layers of powder.

The Magic Wands Brush Set from Tarte is retailing at S$58 a set, which contains a total of 5 brushes. That makes it S$11.80 for one brush which sounds pretty reasonable to me considering the quality and brand.

Now let's get into the individual brushes! Beginning with face brushes, we've got one of my favs, the Pink Powder Brush. Like I have mentioned earlier on, this is a super fluffy blush that is perfect for applying thin layers of powder such as loose powders, finishing powders or setting powders. I'm definitely more of a compact powder gal so I love how the bristles are flexible and soft, so I can swirl my brush around my compact powder without damaging them or causing too much fall-outs. This brush is not very dense, so it picks up the right amount of powder to avoid caking or uneven application.

Next up, we've got the Purple Liquid Foundation Brush. This is basically a brush that is able to apply any liquid or cream products such as primers, tinted moisturizers, liquid foundations, cc creams, etc!

This brush is a lot denser than the previous one which makes it perfect for picking up and applying liquid products to avoid any wastage. It has been awhile since I used a brush to apply my liquid foundations (beauty blender has been my one and only), but to test this brush out, I've put it to the test and I was glad that my foundation appeared smooth and non-streaky after blending with this brush although I'll still prefer my beauty blender.

The last face brush is the Magenta Contour Brush. For as long as I can remember, I've been using the same old angled brush from Coastal Scents for my contour so I was very excited for this brush as I do not own any brushes like this! This is a very dense brush with a flat and angular bottom to create perfectly defined contours. It was extremely easy to use so I high recommend it if you're new to contouring.

Moving on to eyeshadow brushes, first up is a Green Blending Eyeshadow Brush. Blending is key when it comes to eyeshadows, therefore, you can never have too many blending brushes. This works as good as the ones I already own, so, no complains here! The light and fluffy bristles really help gently blend out my eyeshadows without picking up too much with it.

The last brush is a Blue Shading Eyeshadow Brush. Fun fact, nearly all (literally 99%) of my eyeshadow brushes are the ones that came along with the eyeshadow palettes I bought. So once again, extra eyeshadow brush? No complains! This brush is a very basic flat brush, great for packing on your main eyeshadow colour as well as your base eyeshadow colour.

Overall, I feel like this brush set would be the perfect gift for any unicorn obsessed, or for someone who is just starting out on make-up as these brushes are pretty much basic essentials. Make-up brushes can also last you a really long time if you take good care of them so I think it's fine to splurge on a couple of good ones. I mean, face brushes especially, are totally worth splurging on. Personally, using these brightly coloured and pretty brushes really brightens up my mood so for me, it was definitely a good purchase!

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