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What is in my travel bag? Skincare edition!
Saturday, 27 May 2017 at 00:00 | 0 Comments
In a few days time, I will be travelling to Seoul (yippee!) and by the time this blog post is up, I'm probably already there for like... A couple of days. So I thought I'd share with you what are the skincare products I have brought along with me on this trip!

One of the most important things to do before purchasing your air ticket is to check the weather! In May, it will still be spring, but since I will be there during the end of May, the weather is slowly transiting into summer. Still, the weather will be cold with temperatures ranging from 14 degrees to 25 degrees celcius. Cold weather simply means dry weather, so I've kept that in mind and brought skincare products to suit the weather conditions.

Seoul is a shopping heaven for beauty lovers as you can find beauty products literally everywhere. I could have just bought myself my entire skincare routine there, but since I already have my own skincare products at home, I figured out that I should just bring them along so I don't have to spend the extra money to get skincare products that I probably don't really need.

To pack my skincare products, I got this little pouch with a drawstring from Ezbuy to store and secure everything in neatly.

I was honestly so amazed with the quality of this stuff as I only got it for like $3? It's huge and comes with a bunch of compartments as well as elastic bands to keep your products tidy.

I find that it can get very messy when I put all my skincare products in a zip-lock bag as they might fumble around and cause spillage. Plus, this bag is environmental-friendly as you can reuse it every time you travel!

So what is in my travel bag? Let's find out!

1. Pixi's Glow Mud Cleanser

Currently, I am using The Herb Farm's Gel Cleanser but since it's in a glass bottle, I have bought myself a travel-sized facial cleanser to bring along. The one I got is Pixi's Glow Mud Cleanser which was included in the Best of Bright Kit Set. Having oily skin, I appreciate a good cleanser that is able to remove all stubborn dirt, make-up and oils and I definitely feel like this is one! To be honest, it's quite small to last me the entire trip, but since I am running out of facial cleansers at home, I'll probably just grab another one (or two, or three) when I'm in Seoul.

2. Pixi's Glow Tonic

Recently, I have jumped onto the glow range bandwagon from Pixi. One of their products which I'm obsessed with is none other than the cult favourite Glow Tonic. I managed to get the 100ml travel sized version from Sephora during the private 20% sales and it has been one of my favs ever since. Since it already came in a travel-friendly size, it only makes sense to bring it along with me. I think this toner is great for people with oily skin or for people who wishes to clear up their acne.

3. The Herb Farm's Toning Mist

While I love Pixi's Glow Tonic, I have also read about how you're not supposed to use it every single day and night. So when I'm not using Pixi's Glow Tonic, this is the toner that I use. I love the smell of this toner as it reminds me of lemongrass and honey! This is a great toner for people with oily skin as it helps to control the production of excess oils and sebum. This toner comes in a glass bottle though, so I might have to transfer it out into a smaller spray bottle.

4. SK-II Facial Treatment Essence

The SK-II Facial Treatment Essence is a current must-have for me at the moment. I got to try it out not too long ago when Cosme-de.com sent me the 75ml one. It has been probably a couple of months since I've started using it and while I saw noticeably difference during the first week of using it, the results seem to remain stagnant after that. Even so, I like to think that it provides nutrients and anti-aging benefits to my skin which is always good! The 75ml is also a great size for travelling and so I couldn't say no to bringing it with me.

5. Pixi's Overnight Glow Serum

Along with the rest of my skincare from Pixi, this is another product I've been using back at home. I love how this serum dispense with a dropper but at the same time, Pixi also provided a regular cap and stopper for travel purposes! Since this product has been a part of my skincare routine at home, I just have to bring it with me to complete my routine. The product looks thick and gooey but once applied, it sinks in and gets absorbed in a few seconds. I only use this at night to nourish my skin while I sleep.

6. Dr.G ActiFirm Real Lifting Cream

No skincare routine will be complete without a moisturiser. For my trip to Korea, I decided to take along with me the Dr.G ActiFirm Real Lifting Cream. At home, I have been using this one for a pretty long time as you can tell from the image above, I'm just about to finish it up. But I have also recently switched it to the Herb Farm's Light Jojoba Face Cream. For the weather condition in Korea, I felt like the Dr.G one was more suitable due to the thick moisturizing cream that can help provide intense moisture to my skin in the dry and cold weather.

7. Pixi's Glow Mud Mask

I absolutely hate it when I get break outs during a trip, and for my past trips, I have always wished I have brought along a mud mask to help heal and cleanse my face. This deluxe sized Pixi Glow Mud Mask came along with the Best of Bright Kit Set so... Why not? It only takes up possibly 0.01% of the space in the bag anyway.

8. Acne Cream

This Acne cream is one of my current holy grail product so it's definitely a must to bring it along with me! I actually got this from the place I do my facials and I guess it is manufactured by them? I'm not sure because as you can see, the packaging is really simple and it doesn't even have a brand, it just says "Acne cream". This stuff is AMAZING. It helps to reduce inflammation, bacteria buildup, infections, dries up any spots that you have and even conceals them! I am extremely impressed with this cream, it honestly conceals all my spots perfectly and you only need a dab of this product for it to work its magic. I have mentioned this (and did a little demo) of this product so click here to watch!

9. Eclado's Oil Free Sun Cream

Sunscreen is a huge essential to my skincare routine and I never fail to leave the house without sunscreen on. I decided to bring along the Eclado Oil Free Sunscreen instead of my trusty Dr.G Brightening Up Sun as I usually use the Dr.G Brightening Up Sun on its own. But since I know that I will be applying more make-up on top of my sunscreen, I feel that the Ecaldo Oil Free Sunscreen is light enough to sit well under my make-up without adding extra oils to my skin.

10. LUSH's Ocean Face and Body Scrub

I completed forgotten about this when I was taking the pictures. Anyhow, I use a scrub probably two to three times a week. Having dull skin, I try to prevent the buildup of dead skin cells as much as I can. Since I will be in Korea for awhile, it's impossible to not bring a scrub with me. I chose to bring along the LUSH's Ocean Face and Body Scrub as it works great and helps brighten up my skin as well. If you watched my April Favourites video, you'll know I love this product here.

11. Innisfree's Green Garley Multi Cleansing Tissue

My favourite type of make-up remover is an oil based balm where I can just rub it all over my face and then rinse everything off with water. But whenever I travel, I always like bringing along make-up wipes to correct any mistakes, or remove certain parts of my make-up. Eg. If I have a full face of make-up on during the day and I'm heading out at night again to somewhere nearby, I can use a make-up wipe to just remove my eye make-up for a lighter and more natural look. I find that these make-up wipes from Innisfree works amazing as compared to previous make-up wipes I have used. One sheet is quite thin but it is definitely more than enough to remove a full face of make-up, even waterproof mascaras!

So those are the items I have brought along with me to keep my skin feeling fresh and happy when I'm away from home. What are your travel skincare essentials? 

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