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Review: Vely Vely Aura Glow Cushion (with refill)
Monday, 7 May 2018 at 00:00 | 0 Comments
Been awhile since I bought makeup with my own money because I ain't gonna lie, I've been very broke after splurging all my money on clothes... But thanks to Waseyo's 1st Birthday sale, I decided to finally get my hands on the Vely Vely Aura Glow Cushion which I've actually been eyeing on for months, mainly because I love the Vely Vely H2O Ampoule Foundation, but I wanted a cushion foundation to enable more convenient touch ups while I'm outside. This cushion foundation isn't the cheapest in the market, but spoiler, buying this cushion is probably the best makeup purchase I've made in... Maybe the last 6 months. Plus, there was a sale which helped save me S$12!

So this cushion foundation is retailing at S$54.90, which, I know, sounds like a lot. But it comes with a refill so it's technically S$54.90 for 2 x 17g of product (S$27.45 per cushion) which I find reasonable, plus like I mentioned, I got S$12 off my purchase hehe. My package arrived within 3 days along with a bunch of Vely Vely samples and even a sheet mask! I must say that I'm really satisfied with the delivery service provided because I hate missing the postman so it's great that the postman actually gave me a call when no one answered the door. Shipping was also free when I ordered on Waseyo.com so yay to no additional charges! 

Once again, we will begin discussing about the packaging, not only because that's how I usually roll, but also because it's a point worth mentioning and highlighting. The main colour of the cushion is a pale blush pink with light rose gold accents, and I dare say that this cushion case... Is currently the prettiest one in my collection. It's delicate, simple, and feminine which is just the style I love. It also comes with a super soft and squishy premium fabric puff which is in my favourite colour, pink! 

Having medium skin, of course I had to pick the darkest shade available since it's K-beauty after all. I was initially worried that it will be too pale for me, but it actually worked fine as you will see in the photos below. 

Like the name suggests, the Vely Vely Aura Glow cushion aims to deliver the Korean signature glass skin look by brightening up your skin, and creating that moist, dewy, healthy glowing effect - which is what I'm currently obsessed with, which is why I love the Vely Vely H20 Ampoule Foundation as it does make my skin look supple and dewy. Makeup products that comes with skincare benefits are so common these days, which is why it's not surprising to know that the Aura Glow cushion comes with the much needed SPF 50+/PA+++, anti-aging properties, as well as ingredients that will keep your skin feeling fresh, comfortable and moisturized all day long. 

Time to put this cushion to the test! Here's a photo of my 100% bare face. As you can see, I have redness on my cheeks, freckles, a couple of acne scars, as well as enlarged pores. My skin looks dull, and even lifeless if I must say. 

Applying the cushion foundation on, the first thing I noticed is the hint of peppermint fragrance, and the cooling effect which instantly makes my skin feel freshened up. The puff also feels very airy and soft, almost like a beauty blender, but softer! 

And wala! I love it! Here's the result of one thin layer of foundation - because I bought it with my own money, I didn't want to waste the product haha, soz! Personally, I'd go in with my favourite concealer, the Vely Vely IM Custom Flawless concealer to provide extra coverage to areas like my dark under eyes and spots since the coverage is not the best, but it's definitely sufficient to cancel out the redness and cover up the lighter acne spots. If you require more coverage, feel free to add another layer! 

I love how natural it looks and how light it feels on my skin. If you've been following me for awhile now, you should know that I dislike heavy foundation and instead of going for the "full coverage" look, I prefer something natural, so this lightweight formula is perfect. It also instantly brightens up my complexion and significantly reduces the appearance of my pores, creating the appearance of much smoother looking skin as you can tell from the comparison photo! Most importantly... Look at that dewy glow! Wow, just wow. I thought the H2O Ampoule Foundation does a great job in helping me achieve the glass skin look, but this just kicks it up a notch! 

I've watched a handful of videos on Youtube that teaches you how to use multiple products such as a good moisturizer, facial oils, etc, to achieve the trending glass skin look, but here, I didn't even use a base or a highlighter and yet I'm able to easily achieve this dewy finish look, simply by using this cushion foundation! 

Overall, I'm extremely satisfied with this cushion and I do highly recommend it to anyone who wants to get that natural, light, dewy looking skin that Koreans are known to have. That said, this cushion is not for those who are seeking a high coverage foundation with matte finish. For a better coverage cushion from Vely Vely, you might want to check out the newly released Vely Vely Perfect Cover Cushion which is supposed to provide higher coverage and less dewy finish. Or, you can choose to use their foundations and this cushion as a touch up while you're outside. 

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