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Review: BECCA x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection Face Palette
Saturday, 16 July 2016 at 00:00 | 0 Comments

The BECCA x Jaclyn Hill collection was just newly launched online in Sephora Singapore, on the 11th July 2016. By then. I have already heard tons of stuff about this awesome looking face palette in the collection. Since I have been on a hunt for a good new blusher/blush palette, I immediately placed an order for the BECCA x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection Face Palette the moment it was launched (watch my "unboxing" vlog for the stuff I got!).

First of all, the BECCA x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection Face Palette comprises of 3 blushes (1 luminous and 2 mineral blushes), and 2 highlighters. It costs S$80 with free shipping which I thought was reasonable for a higher-end brand like BECCA. The packaging is absolutely beautiful. The front cover is white with golds speckles, as if someone just popped a champagne on it. Super classy and timeless! The palette itself is not very big or bulky, hence I think it will still be a good option to take it along with you when you travel, plus there is a huge mirror in it which will be handy!

Going through all the shades in the palette, the first luminous blush shade is called Rose Spritz. Like I mentioned, I was on a hunt for a new blusher and one of the options I was considering, was the NARS Orgasm blush. The Rose Spitz turns out, surprisingly to be a good dupe for the NARS Orgasm blush! It is a coral-rosy pink with gold speckles which gives a hint of glow and flush. I think it is extremely flattering on any skin tone and can be used on countless occasions. I love myself a good glowing shade, hence this is definitely my favourite blush shade out of the 3.

The next shade is called Amaretto. This is a warm, brownish, nude, almond shade with slight orangey tones to it. I think this would be good shade to add some shading and definition to your face especially if you had a tan! I have never worn a blush that is not pink-toned hence this was very new to me and my verdict is, I love it! It is very subtle and easy to wear, especially on days when I'm already wearing brighter colors on my eyes or lips. Since it has hints of orange to it, I think it's great for summer time where I will be wearing lots of orange/coral!

The next shade is called Pamplemousse and like it's name, it is a bright pop of pink which resembles a fresh grapefruit. When used with a light brush, it looks a lot more natural and wearable, less intense and intimidating than looking at it on the pan. Since this blush is matte, I think it is a great and simple way to add some colour to your face without looking too fancy. I would personally wear this with a very simple eye make-up look while leaving the attention to my cheeks and lips. Again, I think this is an awesome shade for summertime as it's bright and fun. Also, it adds a natural flush to your face (without the glow) which makes it looks like you've just came back from the beach or a holiday!

Moving on the highlighters, the first shade we've got is the popular Champagne Pop itself. If you're looking for only a highlighter, Champagne Pop is available for sale on it's own. This is a light, peachy champagne shade with tones of shimmer. It is light, doesn't cake or crumble, and adds the perfect definition to your cheek bones.

The next highlighter we've got is called Prosecco Pop. Comparing to Champagne Pop, this one has more gold to it while Champagne Pop has more peach tones. It looks quite intense in some swatches I've seen online, however it is actually still quite subtle and very pretty if you're looking for a more beach, sun-kissed glow.

All shades are extremely pigmented, soft and smooth to touch. A little seriously goes a long way with this one. The pigmentations are so fine, you can tell that they are of good quality which makes me feel like my money was well-spent. And, since they are so fine to touch, they create the most natural glow which is one of my favourite points of this palette. I can definitely see myself reaching out for this palette often because I am loving all shades! I would definitely recommend this if you are all about that glow. It is surely not a cheap palette but it can, for sure, last a really long time.

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