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Review: Korean Ing Lashtoc's Pre-Glued False Eyelashes
Wednesday, 20 July 2016 at 00:00 | 0 Comments
A couple of weeks ago, I was sent 2 sets of the Ing Lashtoc's new pre-glued false eyelashes to try out from BeautiTopping. They come in a total of 4 designs: Sexy Girl, Cute Girl, Chic Girl and Lovely Girl. I received Chic Girl and Cute Girl. Prior to receiving them, I have never heard of the brand nor the eyelashes but apparently they are new in in Korea and is a currently a new hot selling item. Once again, I am not paid or asked to write this review for them and all opinions belongs to me.

So let's begin with all you need to know about the Ing Lashtoc's new pre-glued false eyelashes.

As straight-forward as the name is, they are basically false eyelashes that are already adhesive, just like stickers! So instead of the "traditional" method of having to apply glue onto the falsies, all you need to do is peel the strip off and stick the adhesive side to your lash line!

Personally, I don't use a lot of false eyelashes. Don't get me wrong, I do love long fluttery lashes. I do have a set of Japanese ones which I have coincidentally used up few days before receiving these. But in general, I only use them at times for filming purposes, when I feel like the addition of fake eyelashes can really help to bring out the look better. Also, truthfully speaking, I really suck at putting them on and I guess the main reason why I don't use them regularly is because of all the troubles that comes with it.

A few of the troubles I had with fake eyelashes are:

- The glue drying up in the bottle. Leaving it to be a pasty mess and it is even more difficult trying to apply glue that is half solid and half liquid evenly onto the thin lash bone.

- Applying the glue evenly on the lash bone. When you mistakenly put on too much glue, it starts dripping off the sides, it starts wobbling around your lids. On the other hand, if you apply too little glue, it starts falling off your lids.

Do you experience these problems too? Well, the new Ing Lashtoc's pre-glued false eyelashes was made to counter all these problems! By removing all the hassle of applying glue, Ing Lashtoc claims that you'll now only need 3-5 seconds to put these lashes on.

After trying the lashes on, I must say that it was definitely faster putting them on than regular lashes because you skip the entire part of applying glue. Did I take 3-5 seconds? Unfortunately, I did not. The reason why was because the lashes were SO STICKY and the first time I totally wasn't expecting that. So being a person with lousy precision, I mistakenly stuck a part of it onto my real lashes. Ended up, I had to remove it entirely and reapply. Second application went a lot easier since now I know what I was dealing with. I still did not take 3-5 seconds, but probably about 10 seconds? (Bear in mind that I suck at putting fake eyelashes on!)

Apart from simply being a pre-glued eyelashes, the Ing Lashtoc eyelashes also has the following good points to note of:

- They are naturally coloured which prevents it from looking artificial and it also helps it to blend in with your natural eyelashes.

- The durability of these lashes are claimed to be 2-3 times stronger than other false eyelashes, hence they keep their curl better.

- They are waterproof.

- Lastly, they can last up to 15 hours on each wear. Which is good if you're planning to wear them for long hours.

For bad points, I noticed that the bone of the lashes are really thick and black. So it looks really obvious and unnatural (especially for "Cute Girl", "Chic Girl" wasn't that bad) if you are not wearing any eyeliner or eye make-up.

Overall, I think they make my life so much easier and I really like how they make my eyes more defined and alluring. I would definitely save them for more special occasions (I wore a pair to my cousin's wedding, view my vlog here!) and/or for filming purposes!

If you're interested in getting these lashes, you can purchase them from BeautiTopping's shop on Qoo10: here. They are currently going for S$11.80 for 2 pairs of lashes!

I also did a video review for these lashes where you'll get to see the lashes up close and I also did a little test to proof it's statement of being waterproof! Take a look!

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