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Suicide Squad's Harley Quinn x Joker Couple Halloween Make-Up Tutorial with SASA Singapore
Monday, 3 October 2016 at 21:11 | 0 Comments

With the release of the movie Suicide Squad, the character Harley Quinn has been getting a ton of attention, especially for Halloween!

Well if you know me personally, you will know that I've always fancied the Joker. The story behind it is long so I'll spare you the deets. Halloween in Singapore is not really a huge deal and in general, majority of us don't celebrate it unless you're heading to the club or you're going to a private Halloween party. Finally this year, we're celebrating with a little Halloween party so of course, what better character to dress up as other than the Joker's girlfriend, Harley Quinn. Before the movie was released, I had already set my mind on dressing as the original jester Harley Quinn. However, after images of the Suicide Squad Harley Quinn started appearing all over the internet, I figured out that it would be more fun to create her look instead! Plus, I figured out that there will be a ton of you out there who wishes to dress up as Harley too. So if you're planning to do so, keep on reading to see how to get her make-up look! 

If you're interested to see how I DIY her wig, top and choker, check out the time lapse video here!

Apart from Harley Quinn's look, I decided to get my halloween gear on together with my boyfriend whom, of course, will be my one and only Puddin.

So are you ready to get crazy with your partner in crime? Watch my tutorial below to see how you can get this popular couple halloween look! *Bonus* Scroll all the way till the end of this post to see how you can win yourself a S$50 goodie bag from SASA Singapore!


Her look is surprisingly extremely easy to create, you definitely do not need superb skills in make-up for this long, as long as you have the right products to use! 

So the first step in transformation, is to get pale skin. Before I jump into foundation, I'm actually taking the Chosungah22's Real Cheek Smoother in Lilac Drop and applying it onto my cheekbones, forehead, and chin to color correct my skin tone. Lavender cancels out yellow and dull skin, and it will help to brighten up your skin making it look paler. 

For my foundation, I am using the Nouba Staminal Foundation in the lightest shade 101. I applied 3 thin layers, 1 layer at a time to cover up my medium skin. Be sure not to put too much, otherwise you'll end up looking cakey. Once the foundation is well-blended, seal it with a loose powder. I am using the Nouba Magic Powder in shade 19

Despite being a blonde, Harley's brows are actually pretty dark. So I'm just filling in my brows with the Cyber Color 24Hr Eyebrow Duo in Brown (honestly I love this brow pencil so much!) then going over with Chosung22's Brow Maker in Black Brown because my natural brows are black. 

Done with the brows, let's move on to the fun part. The eyes! So I'm pretty sure you should know by now (if you're planning to dress as Harley), Harley has pink shadows on one eye, and blue shadows on the other. For this look, I have found the perfect palette. Gosh's To Play With In Vegas eyeshadow palette contains a total of 9 shades which includes perfect bright shades of pinks and blues. 

To start, I'm taking the main shade (pink/blue, whichever side you wish to start first) and just putting it all over my lids, blending towards the outer corners. I'm also applying it on my lower lash line. Don't have to be neat as this is just the base we're working with. Then, picking up the darker shade (of pink/blue), I'm applying this on the center to outer portions of my eye to darker the shade. To intensify the shadow and make the colour pop, I'm spraying my brush with a little bit of water (or Fix Plus, or beauty water, whatever you've got) and then patting the shade over my lids and lower lash line once more. Do not go over the base we've created so the colour blends out naturally and it creates sort of like an ombre from dark to light. Taking the same shade with an angled brush, drag the colour downwards to create the streaks that goes down her cheeks. Blend the streaks with more eyeshadow so it doesn't look too streaky and unnatural. 

To darken the look, I'm taking a black shadow from the Cyber Colors Swan Lake Palette in shade 03 Deep Rothbart, and applying it on my outer corners, as well as my lower lash line. Blend out the black shadow so it looks smokey. 

We're almost done with the eyes! Line your eyes with your favourite black liner, I'm using the pen side of Cyber Color's 24Hr Eyeliner Duo in Black. Apply some false eyelashes and mascara to both upper and lower lashes (I'm using Cyber Color's Feather Tutu Mascara in Black)

Next, instead of contour, we're just gonna be doing a little shading to enhance our features. Using a matte brown bronzer (I'm using theBalm's Bahama Mama), apply the sides of your nose, jaw line, and below your bottom lip. 

Before we move on to lipstick, I'm just gonna go ahead and draw Harley's face tattoo using the same black eyeliner. She has a black heart below her pink shadowed eye, and the word "ROTTEN" above her jaw, on the same side as the heart. 

For my red lip, I'm using Nouba's Rouge Bijou Lipstick in the shade 03 Passion

Put on your wig and costume, and the look is completed!


The Joker's look was slightly challenging for me because I'm working on someone else's (in this case, my boyfriend's) face. Basically, I was working on an unfamiliar canvas. Before I begin with the make-up, I got him to style his hair before I coat them with green hairspray.

The Joker in Suicide Squad has no eyebrows. So before we begin priming our face, I used a sponge applicator and a little bit of clear eyelash glue to glue down his eyebrows. If you don't have a clear eyelash glue, feel free to use a glue stick.

Now that the brows are gone, carry on with the same foundation routine (Colour-correct, Foundation, and Powder) we did for Harley.

For the eye make-up, the key to not end up looking like a panda, is blending. So make sure to take your time with this one since the eye make-up is really dark and smokey.

I'm first taking a matte brown shade (I'm using theBalm's Bahama Mama) and popping this all over his lids and into the socket. Be sure to start from the lash line then blending outwards to the outer edges are less opaque. I then bring the shade downwards to his under eye to create that dark shadow look. Similarly, make sure the darker parts are closer to the eye. I'm repeating this step to build up the intensity.

To create more dimensions to the look, I'm taking the shade "Sexy", which is a dark wine shade, from my In theBalm of your Hand palette, and stacking this on top of the brown.

To amp up the dark look, I'm taking a black eyeshadow (Cyber Colors Swan Lake Palette) and applying this on the upper and lower lash line, blending it together with the other shadows we've applied before.

Because I don't have a red eyeshadow, I'm actually taking Nouba's Rouge Bijou Lipstick in the shade 03 Passion and I'm using this to line his bottom lash line.

Now that the eye look is completed, move on to drawing his tattoos on his face. The Joker has a few scars on his face, the word "Damaged" on his forehead, and a "J" on the side of his cheek.

For lips, I'm using the same red lipstick, and topping it off with some black eyeshadow so it has a darker look.

Contour his jawline to make them look more distinctive and the look is completed!

I'm so pleased with how both looks turned out, it was definitely a new and fun experience for me and my boyfriend! All products used are kindly sponsored by SASA Singapore and in collaboration with SASA, we are having a GIVEAWAY!

To take part in the giveaway, simply head over to SASA's Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/SGSaSa/videos/10154503993989424/), like and share my video and comment below what are you dressing up as this Halloween! One winner will be selected and notify on SASA Singapore's Facebook page. Giveaway ends 5th Oct 2016, I wish you all a very good luck! 

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