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Have a Good Night's Sleep with LUSH
Monday, 12 February 2018 at 00:00 | 0 Comments
I've always envied those who can fall asleep as soon as their head hits their pillow. I am a night person, and apart from that, my brain is constantly active, causing me to suffer from insomnia very frequently. If you've never suffered from insomnia, you are one lucky lucky soul! Insomnia is such an inconvenience for me because my work starts at 8 in the morning. So regardless of what time I fall asleep, I will always need to be up by 6ish in the morning. Imagine working with only a couple hours of proper sleep! 

To help cope with my insomnia, I'll go through my de-stress routine to relax, and I love to incorporate products from Lush to further enhance the effectiveness of my routine. As you all should know by now, I am a huge lover of Lush's products. Even though I've worked with them multiple times and they've sent me multiple products to enjoy, I still frequent their stores to pick up items that I love. This blog post contains products that they've sent to me, as well as products I've bought with my own money, and most importantly... This blog post is not sponsored! ;-) 

The first step of this routine is to take a shower. Before I hop into my bath, I always take a quick shower to ensure that I go in clean. I mean, you wouldn't want to be soaking in dirty water, right? For this step, it isn't very important since you will be soaking in a bath later on, but I recommend using Lush's Twilight naked shower gel if you want to keep the relaxing trend going right from the start. 

Lush has recently come up with naked shower gels which makes them more environmental and slightly more pocket-friendly than the bottled shower gels! If you're new here, you might not know, that my favourite relaxing scent is Lavender, which makes this shower gel perfect as its main ingredient is Lavender. If you're into relaxing shower gels, you can definitely count on Twilight as it is probably Lush's signature "relaxing" fragrance. Apart from a Twilight shower gel, Lush also offers Twilight bath bombs, Twilight body sprays, Twilight sparkle jars, and even Twilight gift boxes! This product is a Christmas edition, so grab it while you still can.

It's time to run our bath! For my bath products recommendation, I have a bubble bar, a jelly bomb, and a bath oil. You can choose to use only 1 at a time, but I'd probably go with 2 (or maybe even all 3 at once...).

If you've watched my Lush Valentine's Day Unboxing video, I gave a little tip on how to properly use a bubble bar and bubbleroon, and that is to crumble it under running water once you're starting to fill your tub, followed by making splashes with your hands to generate even more bubbles. One of my favourite relaxing bubble bars from Lush is the Valentine's Day special Unicorn Horn bubble bar.

I first used it in 2017 and I love how this contains, again, Lavender as its main ingredient. It also contains Ylang Ylang oil which is probably my second favourite. This entire horn creates enough bubbles for 2 baths if you use it the right way, turns your bath into a magical baby pink shade and it is also covered in fine silver glitter!

Next up, we've got a jelly bomb. If you wish to see how your jelly bomb fizzes, drop it in just before you crumble your bubble bar, otherwise the bubbles will cover up the magical moment of your jelly bomb fizzing. The jelly bomb I'm recommending is The Big Sleep jelly bomb.

Yes. Its main ingredient is Lavender, and it also contains Chamomile! If you're using this on its own, this will transform your bath into a sea foam shade. Because this is a jelly bomb, the jelly will thicken up the water, making it more comforting to soak in!

The final bath product is a bath oil. I am a huge fan of bath oils, so I was beyond excited to find the Dreamtime bath oil in stores!

This bath oil basically melts in your bath, so make sure to keep it away from direct sunlight because it does melt very easily. I was holding it to take a shot of it and it just started melting on my fingers!

I am so in love with the shade of this bath melt! As you can see from above, it will transform your bath into a gorgeous purple shade and on top of that, it also has purple and gold fine glitter on it which makes it even more magical-looking. The main ingredient of this bath oil is Chamomile, together with the star ingredient of today's blog post, Lavender.

It's time for our post-bath product. This is a fairly new product from Lush, and within days of its release, it went out of stock, island-wide for months! And this product is none other than the Sleepy body lotion!

This lotion smells, INCREDIBLE. Once I've applied in on my skin, I just can't stop sniffing it! At this point of time, I feel embarrassed to say this, but its main ingredient is Lavender, along with Oatmeal, Tonka, and Ylang Ylang. I mean, whoever thought of this combination deserves a raise!

The lotion itself is very thick and oily, but to my surprise, I actually love the texture of it! My skin has been very dry recently, making me itch all over the place. But after I started using this body lotion, I've completely stopped itching and my skin just feels so smooth and soft. I've never had the habit of moisturising my body, but this body lotion changed that for me.

As I've mentioned, this lotion is thick and therefore it is kinda sticky to the touch. But since this is a lotion to help me fall asleep, I only apply this at night before bedtime so the stickiness doesn't bother me at all. If you're particular about thick lotions, make sure to head down to a Lush store to test it out first! This lotion also comes in a smaller tub, but in my opinion, the large sized tub is a lot more worth it for the price tag.

And that's it! Cuddle up under your sheets and have a good night sleep. Goodnight! 

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