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Review: Vely Vely Korean Cosmetic + Spring Makeup Look (+ swatches!)
Wednesday, 28 February 2018 at 10:46 | 0 Comments
Im Jihyun is a Korean fashion influencer with over 730,000 followers on Instagram, and she is best known for her romantic style which helped her gained popularity as people seek her for fashion and makeup inspirations. Back in 2013, Im Jihyun launched her very own clothing brand, "ImVely", a combination of her surname "Im", and "Vely" from the word "Lovely". Following the roaring success of her fashion brand, Im Jihyun then launched her own cosmetic line, Vely Vely, in late 2014. True to her signature lovely and romantic looks, Vely Vely aims to provide products that can easily help you achieve that natural, "촉촉 (chok chok, meaning "Moist")" dewy makeup look.

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So in today's blog post, I will be sharing with you the products I received from Vely Vely Singapore, as well as a Korean inspired makeup look to wear during this spring season!

The first step of this spring makeup look is to prep my skin using the Aura Pearl Base Primer. This primer contains a mixture of pearl powder, diamond powder and ruby powder, to deliver the best results of natural radiant looking skin.

I love how this primer also provides a little bit of hydration to my skin, and it's lightweight and non-sticky so my skin feels comfortable and breathable throughout the day. If you have clear skin, you can even use this on its own to give your skin a little glow.

Now that my skin is looking radiant, it's time to even out my skin tone and cover up any blemishes, dark spots, and dark eye circles using the H20 Ampoule Foundation in #23 Natural, and the IM Custom Flawless Concealer in shade Natural.

The H20 Ampoule Foundation is one that will keep your skin feeling fresh, radiant and healthy looking all day long as it contains ingredients that will help boost the moisture levels in your skin, and brighten up your complexion. It also has a buildable low to high coverage to cater to every individuals' needs. I decided to use my trusty beauty blender to apply this foundation, as it is recommend to use a damp sponge if you wish to go for a more dewy look!

The IM Custom Flawless concealer is great for concealing and brightening any dull areas, dark spots, and acne scars as it comes with SPF30 which is able to protect and prevent the dark spots and scars from darkening even further under the sun. My favourite part about this concealer is how easy it is to blend, as well as the bent applicator as it was able to cover my entire under eye in just one simple stroke.

Moving on to blush and highlight, I am using the Choc choc Water Cushion Blush in #Peach Orange and one of Vely Vely's best selling highlighter, the 3D Highlighter.

I usually don't prefer cream blush, but since this blush is in cushion form, it makes it very quick and easy to blend the blush into my base makeup. The shade Peach Orange is a light, pastel orange, so it is extremely sheer for my skin tone. Frankly speaking, I currently own 2 orange cream/liquid blush and none of them are visible on my skin. Therefore, for medium skin-toned users, I highly recommend you to pick another shade instead, or use a powder blush. 

This 3D highlighter is officially my current favourite highlighter! I love how thick and creamy the formula is which makes it easy to precisely apply it onto small areas like under your brow bone, tip of your nose, or cupid's bow. This highlighter is also not super pigmented which is nice as you don't want to end up looking like a sun reflective film! The finish is extremely natural and glowy which I love. I used this on the top of my cheek bones, blending it out with my beauty blender, and with the product left on the beauty blender, I just dab it on the tip of my nose as well as cupid's bow. 

Our base is done, so it's time to move on to our brows. For my brows, I will be using the 1.5mm Microfiber Eyebrow Pencil, and because my eyebrow embroidery are a little too dark for my liking, I decided to pick shade #Ginger which is a much lighter shade than my hair colour.

I love how thin this eyebrow pencil is as it really helps with drawing precised brows. The shade ginger also did a wonderful job balancing out the darker hues of my eyebrow embroidery.

Brows checked, now it's time for eyeshadow! I've picked out a total of 4 shades from Vely Vely's single eyeshadow collection and within this collection, the eyeshadows are further classified into 3 different types. Matte, shimmer, and glitter.

First, I will be applying #Sunset G all over my lids as this is going to be our main colour for today's look. Sunset G is a glitter, orange-coral shade which I think will look perfect for both spring and summer time. Even though the eyeshadows look really shocking in the pan, they are all actually extremely light and I think that's really the highlight of most Korean makeup looks where the eyeshadows are always soft and subtle looking.

To add another pop of colour on my lids, I'm applying Blossom M which is a pastel pink matte shade on the outer portion of my lids, as well as my outer lower lash line to balance out the colour. I think this shade brings out the femininity of the eyeshadow look, and it also adds more of a spring floral touch to it.

Next, to intensify the eyeshadow look, I'm going in with Toast S, which is a medium brown shimmer. And lastly, for my inner eye highlight, I'm using Champagne G which is a cool golden glitter. I absolutely love this shade as it really brightens up and makes a difference in my eye look.

To finish off the eye look, I did a soft and subtle wing using the Eye Definition Lasting Shadow Liner in #Cinnamon Toast, which is a shimmery medium brown crayon liner, and a light coat of my own mascara.

For my lipstick choice, I decided to try out Vely Vely's best selling lip product, the Melting Kiss Moisture Lipstick. This lipstick is a combination of a lipstick, lip balm, lip essence, and lip gloss! I decided to go for shade Molly, which is a gorgeous natural rose shade. The colour is extremely pigmented and I absolutely love how this kept my lips feeling moist and plump.

And that completes the makeup look! Overall, I think I'm officially obsessed with the products from Vely Vely and I'll definitely be wearing this look for majority of spring! It has been about close to 2 weeks since I received these products and I'm already carrying them around in my makeup pouch. If you wish to see the products in action, click here to watch my video on this makeup look.

My favourite products are no doubt the primer, foundation, concealer, highlighter, eyeshadows, and lipstick (whew, it was so tough to pick just one) because it makes re-creating Korean makeup looks extremely easy, even for beginners! So if you're interested to re-create this look or any of the items from Vely Vely, you may purchase them from Vely Vely Singapore online website here where they provide free shipping for orders over S$30!

Place your order before 18th March 2018 to utilize my discount code "thatxxrin15" for a whopping 15% off!

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