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Review: Zoeva's Nude Spectrum Eyeshadow Palette (with swatches!)
Wednesday, 12 October 2016 at 09:54 | 0 Comments

Another eyeshadow palette review! YAS!

During my weekend  trip to Johor Bahru, I went into Sephora (of course I did) and coincidentally they were having a 20% sale! Unfortunately, even with the 20% off, the price of the Zoeva Nude Spectrum Eyeshadow Palette was around the same of the one in Singapore WITHOUT the 20% off. So technically if there weren't a 20% off, the price of the palette in JB is actually 20% more expensive. And we thought that everything in JB is cheaper...... Therefore, make sure you check the prices online before purchasing!

Nevertheless, I was a happy gal as there weren't any other things in JB that really caught my attention so I basically just spent all my money on this palette and the Son & Park Beauty Gel.  Even though I've never owned any eyeshadow palettes from Zoeva, I have swatched many of their palettes in stores countless of time and I must say that they are extremely soft and buttery.

First off, I absolutely love the packaging of this palette! It's black and rose gold, just like my favourite set of Zoeva brushes (pictured above)! It also has a matte texture to it which I thought looked really sleek and chic. The palette is really thin and it shuts with a magnet which is basically my favourite type of packaging for a palette as it's easier to travel with the palette and you don't have to worry about the cover breaking off.

This palette contains 15 neutral and warm eyeshadow shades which are easy to pair and wear all year round. I feel that this palette gives off a strong "fall" vibe due to the good amount of red-toned shades included. This palette also kinda reminds me of the Lorac Pro Palette as it offers quite a number of basic shades such as gold, browns, matte black and cream.

With that said, I highly recommend this palette if you are looking for a good warm neutral palette. Or, if you are considering the Lorac Pro Palette, you can try this palette out instead. The shades are honestly really basic though and you can definitely find dupes of the individual shades easily. So I wouldn't recommend this to someone who already has a collection of nude palettes.

(with flash)

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