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Review: Korean Cinderella Protein Care Hair Treatment (Hair Plus Korean Salon)
Saturday, 22 April 2017 at April 22, 2017
Previously, I did a review for Hair Plus Korean Hair Salon (here) where I tried out their hair colouring service as well as their Korean hair treatment. So if you haven't read that review yet, please go ahead and do so to find out more about Hair Plus Korean Salon, as well as my first impressions of them.

Due to the lack of proper hair care and the fact that my hair was bleached and badly damaged due to constant chemical exposure, I was scheduled for another hair treatment with them. This time round, I tried out their Korean Cinderella Protein Care which is one of the more popular hair treatments Hair Plus Korean Salon offers!

(BEFORE - oh my god, look at that mess...)

(BEFORE - bleached damaged and frizzy ends!)

When I arrived at the salon, I was once again warmly welcomed by the friendly staff there. It has been a month or so since my previous appointment, so it was really lovely seeing my hairstylist Jane again! Before the treatment began, I had to put on a robe to protect my clothes. I really like this service of theirs especially for customers who are wearing short skirts, the robe will be able to prevent any unnecessary exposures.

The Korean Cinderella Protein Care is an organic hair treatment from Korea that does not contain any chemicals and harsh cosmetic preservatives, which makes it safe and easy to use on all hair types and even sensitive scalp. Since no chemicals are involved, you can rest ensure to have a comfortable time while having your hair treated! This treatment is recommended for hair that has been damaged by bleach, excessive heat styling, chemicals as well as prolonged sun exposure as the main purpose of this treatment is to replenish any lost proteins in damaged hair, resulting in shinier, softer and healthier hair.

If you have frizzy hair like mine, this treatment will naturally straighten it for a healthier finish. In Korea, the results will be able to last you for up to 4 months! But since the weather here in Singapore is much more humid, this treatment will be able to last up to a month, which is still pretty long compared to other ordinary treatments!

So the Cinderella Protein Care comprises of 3 steps. The first step would be to use the Clarifying Shampoo after regular shampoo, to exfoliate our scalp as well as purify our hair by removing toxins, excess styling products and mineral build-up. At the same time, it also adds volume and provides vitamins and proteins to our hair.

After the shampoo was applied to my hair, it was placed in a steamer for about 10 minutes.

Moving on to the second step which is the Protein Treatment, this treatment is formulated to restore and straighten extremely thick, frizzy and damaged hair. It also contains Aloe-vera to strengthen, Jojoba oil to moisturize, and Green tea to promote hair growth.

The product was basically smoothed over sections of my hair and I was really amazed as once the treatment was applied to my hair, I can immediately see my hair become a lot smoother and much more manageable! I also like the light floral-liked fragrance of the treatment which made the treatment process a lot more pleasant.

After the treatment was applied, my hair was slightly blow dried, and my hairstylist Jane used a straightener to further press all the product into my hair for a longer lasting effect! I thought that this step was really unique as I seldom see the use of straighteners in hair treatments. Once she was done, I had another hair wash before we moved on to the final step.

The last step is the Organic Hair Cuticle Sealer, this sealer acts as a natural crystal shield that protects our hair structure and enhances shine and softness, and of course, it helps to seal in all the goodness in your hair to ensure an even longer lasting effect.

 (AFTER - smooth and shiny, what a huge difference!)

After the treatment is done, my hair definitely looked a lot more manageable and it felt super smooth and soft as well! Not to mention it also smells bomb. Jane also did a simple Korean C-curl style to my hair to complete the makeover. Currently, this is one of my favourite hair treatments so far as I really like how it is natural and non-greasy. After I left the salon, I couldn't stop touching my hair because it was just so soft! I am also truly amazed at how the ends of my hair looks so healthy, it is almost as if it was never bleached or damaged.

As I'm typing this, it has been more than a week since the treatment and my hair is still a lot more manageable than before! In the past, if I were to air-dry my hair, it will look extremely frizzy and stiff. However, right now I can leave my hair to air-dry and even without styling, my hair feels softer and looks less frizzy.

Since my hair is so much more manageable now, it makes styling and curling my hair a lot easier too as I don't have to struggle with all the tangles and fly-away. Before I left the salon, Ms. Gloria Lee (Owner-Manager of Hair Plus Korean Salon from Seoul) also provided me with some samples (thank you!) so I can continue taking good care of my hair at home.

So if you have damaged and or frizzy hair that is difficult to manage, I highly recommend you to try out the Cinderella Protein Care treatment as currently, Hair Plus is offering a 10% discount for this treatment and specially for all my viewers and readers, all you have to do is to mention my name (Maureen) and you'll get an additional 5% off! This promotion is valid in both of their outlets so if you'd like to try out the Cinderella Protein Care for yourself, make sure to call them first at 6235 2234 (Far East Plaza)/6235 5883 (Suntec City) to book an appointment with their senior Korean hairstylists!

Once again, thank you Hair Plus Korean Salon for keeping my hair healthy and happy!

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