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Review: Zoeva Opulence Brush Set
Monday, 13 November 2017 at 09:03 | 0 Comments
Every Christmas, I like to give myself a present, and before you think I'm weird, I believe I'm not the only one who does it. Honestly, I don't know why, but I think it's because I tend to spend a ridiculous amount of money during the holiday season, so to make myself feel better about my purchases, I like to label it as a "Christmas gift" for myself.

So for this year's Christmas gift to myself, I decided to go with the newly released Zoeva Opulence Brush Set... Which costs a whopping S$155... So let me lessen my guilt by trying to justify why I got it. Now, I'm not someone who buys makeup brushes often, even though my last makeup brushes purchase was only 6 months ago, ahem, I actually did not buy a single brush in 2016. So there, I'm not a crazy makeup brush hoarder. Plus, I own the Zoeva Luxe Rose Gold makeup brushes and I absolutely love them. They are the ones that refrained me from getting new brushes in the whole of 2016, so hopefully this new set will stop me from getting new ones in 2018. :-)

Both the Zoeva Luxe Rose Gold brush set and the Opulence Brush set are really pricey, but I feel like they are by far the best makeup brushes I've owned. Makeup brushes are also not makeup, they are makeup tools, and so they will be able to last you for a really, really, really long period of time if you take good care of them. I've owned other makeup brushes and I noticed that after washing them for a couple of times, the bristles starts to fall out but it didn't occur with the brushes from Zoeva.

Am I done justifying my purchase? Yes. Do I feel less guilty now? Yes. Good. On with the review...

This brush set was pretty much love at first sight for me. It definitely suits its name "Opulence" well as it does look very exquisite and luxurious. I love the dark plum shade on the handle that matches elegantly with the matte black. Honestly, the colour low key reminds me of Hogwarts. The names of the brushes are also embossed onto the handle in gold which adds a nice touch of metallic colour.

Another reason why I was attracted to this set was the pouch that comes along with it. My Zoeva Luxe Rose Gold brush set also came with a matching pouch and I love it. The quality is great, it's spacious, and I even used it as a clutch from time to time. This time round, the pouch has a special zipper on it as well as a pretty floral pattern on the insides of the pouch.

Like I mentioned, this set costs S$155, which sounds crazy, I know, but once you break it down, it's actually not that crazy! This set comes with a total of 10 brushes and a pouch. Let's say the pouch is free, $155 for 10 brushes makes it only S$15.50 per brush! To think that few weeks back I was considering of getting Tarte's double ended face brush and that costs S$50!

Half of the brushes are face brushes, while the other half consists of 4 eyeshadow brushes and 1 lip brush. Without further ado, let's begin talking about the face brushes.

First up, we've got the 104 Buffer, which is great for buffing in powder and liquid foundation. This brush is extremely soft so it doesn't prick your skin at all, and I feel like in comparison with a beauty blender, this brush has a similar finish but it doesn't absorb as much product as the beauty blender. The 110 Face Shape, which is supposedly a contour brush for liquid or cream contours but I have been using my Rose Gold one as an under eye concealer brush. The 142 Concealer Buffer, for blending in your concealer, thank you, Captain Obvious. The 135 Petit Face Definer which is one I've never tried before and I'm quite sure it can be used for either your setting powder, or highlight. The last face brush is the 137 Petit Fan which is one of the brushes that made me want to get this set even more. I love using a fan brush for my highlighter and previously I was using a really old and huge one from Coastal Scents, so I think this makes a good replacement because it's a lot smaller and precise which is great for highlighting my nose and cupid's bow.

Moving on to the eyeshadow brushes, we've got the 223 Petit Eye Blender, a small and dense brush which will work great in depositing any dark eyeshadows on the outer corners of my eyes. The 227 Soft Definer which is a fluffy blending brush to blend out any harsh edges of eyeshadow or nose contour. The 233 Cream Shader which is a flat dense brush, suitable for apply concealer, cream eyeshadows as well as glitter pigments, and lastly, the 317 Wing Liner, basically an angled brush for creating straight and thin lines. Our final brush in this set is the 331 Precision Lip which is best used to apply dark lip colours accurately.

Overall, I do not regret this purchase. I think a good makeup brush is worth investing in because it really affects the application and appearance of your makeup. I also used these makeup brushes in a Holiday Glam makeup look, so if you're interested to see how these brushes will blend out your foundation, concealer, and eyeshadows, click here!

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