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Review: Superface Cosmetics (+ swatches!)
Monday, 30 July 2018 at 10:54 | 0 Comments
Superface is a beauty brand, founded by two award-winning TV commercial directors from Hong Kong and Korea. They were inspired by the celebrities they've worked with, as well as the tedious and long process to get the celebrities ready for the camera, to come up with cosmetic products that will effectively and efficiently help you achieve celebrity-liked, camera-ready, flawless makeup at home.

Superface can be widely found in various hot spots in Seoul such as the K-beauty paradise, Myeongdong, and they are also in the midst of venturing into the Singapore market, so I am very lucky to be able to receive a handful of products from them to try out! All the products, as well as the shades, were chosen by myself, and so you've guessed it, today I will be doing a full review on all of the products I've received.

I will be going by the order of application, so starting with one of the few skincare products SuperFace is offering, the Double VITA Serum. A flawless makeup look does not only depend on the makeup, but it also heavily depends on your skin's condition. Therefore, making sure to properly prep your skin is a crucial step to achieving a flawless base.

This skincare product caught my attention because I've never seen a serum like this before. I believe it has a mix of oil and serum which is why it looks similar to an eye and lip makeup remover. Having oily skin, of course, putting oil on my face is a huge concern for me and perhaps it's because it looks like a makeup remover, I was a wee bit worried that this will feel like an eye and lip makeup remover, which can I just say, I'm not that fond of which is why I never use eye and lip makeup removers. But to my surprise, this serum has a refreshing gel-liked texture and instead of oily and tacky-feeling like an eye and lip makeup remover, it feels more hydrating like an actual serum.

This serum contains Vitamin C and E which is supposed to be able to help brighten up your skin tone, improve the elasticity of your skin, as well as provide deep hydration, overall, creating a good base for your makeup. I don't have dry skin, but one of my biggest skin complexes is dull skin so I was really looking forward to see if this product will be able to visibly brighten up my skin and make it stay that way. After using it for a week to work without makeup, I do notice that my skin look brighter if I apply this serum as usually, it will only look brighter if I apply a tone up product.

Now that our skin is prepped, it's time to move on to our base. I'd usually begin with concealer, but since Superface is not offering any concealers at the moment, I will go straight in with their best-selling product, the Zoom In Mesh Cushion. This cushion is surprisingly thin and compact, and I love the vibrant yellow as it's one of my favourite colours. I went with the darkest shade available which is Natural and it was a good match to my skin tone.

The first thing I noticed was the ultra soft puff that came along with it, as well as the mesh cushion which is different from usual cushion foundations. It has a lightweight texture which makes it easy to blend in, and I noticed that it did a great job in concealing any light discolouration, as well as enlarged pores. It has a semi-matte powdery finish which enables it to adhere well onto your skin without the use of a setting powder.

For my brows, I've got the Superfine Duo Brow Liner in Brown Duo. So... My brows are complicated due to the eyebrow embroidery I did in 2017. Long story short, I got the ends lasered away because I didn't like it, so now the start of my brows are pretty dark, but the ends are non-exsistent. Therefore, to balance the start and the end, I've always used 2 different shades of brow pencils for my brows and so the fact that this brow pencil actually has two shades (a lighter and a darker brown), makes it the perfect brow pencil for me!

I've always raved about super-thin brow pencils, so with no doubt, I love that this brow pencil has a 1.5mm fine tip that makes drawing precise brows a breeze. The only thing that's lacking in this brow product is a spooly which I wished they've had it hidden somewhere in the pencil.

Moving on to my favourite part, the eyes. First up, I've picked 3 shades from the Stardust Holographic Shadow collection because I love glitter and these looks so promising it was impossible for me to only pick one... Or two.

The shades I've gone for are Venus, Mars, and Aurora. Venus is a medium champange gold shade which is versatile shade as it can be used it literally any eye makeup look you're going for. As y'all know, pink is not only my favourite colour in general, but it's also one of my favourite colours to use on my eyes so I had to get Mars which is a feminie, pinky, rose gold shade, as well as Aurora, which is a really pale rosey sliver shade.

These eye shadows are super glittery and eye-catching, and I find that the thin brush applicator made it easy to do precise application without the help of a separate brush or blender. So far, I've only used it as an eye shadow, but with the brush, you can definitely use it as an eyeliner too. I like that the glitters are non-clumpy, and they really add a pop of shimmer to my eyes.

The other eye shadow product I chose is the Flash Eye Tint in the shades Don't Cry, and Good Night. Since I was new to the brand, I wanted to see what is the difference between the two liquid eye shadows they are offering.

So the Flash Eye Tint is a less-glittery liquid eye shadow and it has more of a velvety and creamy texture. I'm not familiar with liquid eye shadows, but once again I find that the applicator made applying this eye shadow a breeze as it managed to pick up a decent amount of product at once. Since they are liquid eye shadows, they were able to adhere well to my lids for the entire day without me having to prime my lids first.

The next product is the Monster Mascara which claims to be a non-clumpy, non-flaky, and smudge-proof mascara. The highlight of this product is its "mega brush" applicator which is made up with different length bristles to help lift up your lashes even without the use of a curler. By the name "Monster Mascara" I was expecting this mascara to make my lashes thick and black, however, it actually turned out very natural looking it has more of a lengthening effort rather than volumizing.

Another special point about this mascara is that it uses Oak Extract Fiber to enable it to come off easily while cleansing without tugging on to your lashes.

Going back to our face, I have the Multilightful Stick. I'd classify this product as a blush product, but it's actually a multi-purpose product as you will be able to use it for your cheeks, lips, and eyes! Perfect for those who doesn't like carrying a big bag of makeup wherever they go.

This product is inspired by the 'magic hour' or 'golden hour' in photography which is the short period of time after sunrise and before sunset. This period is known as the 'golden hour' as it is known to be the best time to capture a dreamy image with the right amount of warm, and diffused light.

I picked the shade Star Super, which is a natural coral shade as I think it will better compliment my medium skin tone, and also because coral is another one of my favourite shades to use on my cheeks, lips, and eyes! This product has a creamy formula which blends out effortlessly.

Very often, we look as though we've gained a few pounds in photos when in reality, we haven't, and that's because a camera lens can only capture images in 2D which is different from our eyes which sees things in 3D. Therefore, contour and highlight is a must if you're in front of the camera as it helps create the illusion of a more 3D, and hence realistic image of yourself.

So of course, being inspired by studio makeup, Superface has developed the Pro FX Contour Stick. Once again, having medium skin, I chose the darkest shade available which is Natural. I already love using contour sticks, especially when I'm going for a more lighter look (eg. a Korean inspired look), as I find that in comparison to powder contours, they blend out seamlessly and hence has a more natural looking effect. This contour stick has a light and soft texture and it's not too pigmented which is great for beginners.

To further enhance the high points of my face. I have the Light Up Highlighter which is a liquid highlighter that comes with a built-in brush.

I love the texture of this highlighter as it's not too thick which makes it easy to control the opacity of the highlight. Even though it comes with a brush, I prefer blending it using my fingers or sponge for a more precise application, and for a more natural finish.

Finally, I have two of the Lipsync Lipstick S. I decided to go for two shades from the "nude" collection because I prefer natural looking lips.

So first up I've chose the shade Dusky Rose which is a nude pink. Frankly speaking, I seldom wear nude shades as light as this, but I really like how they look on other people so I thought of trying this one out for myself. I like that it's not completely nude and it still has pink tones in it to add some life and colour to my lips. The other shade I chose is Sunrise which is the darkest shade out of the three in the "nude" collection and I just love how natural this shade is, definitely a good candidate for a MLBB shade.

The first thing that caught my attention is the packaging as it's secured with a magnet and I think this is the very first time I've seen lipsticks with magnetic caps! The lipstick has an ultra smooth, and creamy texture and being a moisturizing lipstick, this lipstick has a non-matte finish.

Using all these products, I will be creating a makeup look on my channel, so keep a lookout for that and subscribe to my channel if you want to see these products in action! Overall, my favourite product has got to be the Multilightful Stick because coral is my favourite colour and I love how you can use it for your eyes, cheeks and lips. Since I do my makeup pretty often at the gym or at my boyfriend's place, having a multipurpose product just makes it so much easier. I also gotta give the lipstick in Sunrise a shoutout because it is my current go-to lipstick at the moment. If you're interested to take a look at the products from Superface, they are available at Twee flagship store, located at #03-16, 313@Somerset.

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Review: Korean Volume Rebonding + S Curl Perm + Treatment
Monday, 23 July 2018 at 09:57 | 0 Comments
I've been curling my hair for the past 6 to 7 years maybe, and people always ask me, "why don't you just go get a perm?". Well, in the past, I used to enjoy the flexibility of changing up my hairstyle everyday, but now that my schedule is often packed to the brim, curling my hair has become such a chore and especially because I have really, really, really, thick hair.

After my short hair grew out, I also started to notice how I very much prefer having curls than straight hair. Other than the fact that I like having curls, another reason why I always need to use a straightener (to either straighten or curl my hair) is because my natural hair is frizzy and wavy, and because of that, I can never look "neat" or "presentable" without my hair straightener. For the last 2 to 3 years, in order to save my hair from excessive heat styling, and to save time, I'd always just tie my hair up as that's the quickest way to "neaten it up" and that's actually quite sad because even when I wish to let my hair down, I can't because of how frizzy it looks without my hair straightener.

Therefore, I was so excited that my Korean Volume Rebonding and Korean Perm (also known as Volume Magic Perm in Korea) appointment has finally come, and I now have semi-permanent curls!!! Whoop whoop. As usual, I got my hair done at Hair Plus Korean Salon which is a trustworthy Korean salon here in Singapore for over 12 years. I've been getting my hair done by them since March 2017 so if you're interested to read my past experiences with them or my past blog posts for them, here's a list:
I absolutely love their professionalism and the fact that all their hairstylists are Koreans with many years of hair-styling experience! Everyone is always so warm and friendly which makes every hair appointment pleasant and comfortable.

For my Korean Volune Rebonding and Korean Perm to achieve the S-Curl Perm, Hair Plus Korean Salon has appointed a new hairstylist for me, Jamie, who has over 20 years of hair-styling experience in Korea, Japan and Australia! She specializes in creative hair coloring and Korean perms on various hair texture given her experience abroad, so if you wish to view her portfolio, click here. Jamie was very friendly and professional as she constantly fine tunes the steps involved according to my hair condition and checks the work of her assistant while guiding her throughout the entire perming process. If you're worried about communication, not to worry as all their Korean hairstylists speaks English, so consultation before each hair session is clear to understand.


Before Jamie started with the Korean Volume Rebonding and Korean Perm, she gave my hair some layers because my hair were all the same length and I told her that I really wanted to add some layers to my fringe as well so they can frame my face better.

After the haircut, she applied a layer of hair treatment to help strengthen and protect my hair before proceeding with the Korean Volume Rebonding which was done to my whole head, but it was more concentrated on the top section to smooth out flyways and create natural volume at the crown. I have rebonded my hair a number of times when I was younger and if you've done rebonding before, you'd know how flat and unnatural it looks during the first couple of months. This Korean Volume Rebonding is different because it not only straightens out frizzy hair, but it also adds volume, making it look extremely natural!

As you can see, rollers are added in between to help add volume to your hair. I think this is ideal for those who has thin and flat hair and would want to add some extra semi-permanent volume to their hair. Frankly speaking I really love the results of this volume rebonding and I wouldn't mind just doing this rebonding without the perm because it just smooths out my hair without making it look unnaturally straight.

After the rebonding is done, it's finally time to add in those curls! Jamie asked if I'd want more or less curls which I assume is either the C-Curl or S-Curl style and I requested for the S-Curl!

After about 45 minutes, it's time to remove the rollers and get along with the final few steps of their Korean Hair Treatment included in the package Hair Plus Korean Salon is offering, to help nourish and strengthen my hair after all the heat applied. Their Korean Perm Treatment Package includes a Korean Perm, deep moisture multi-step Hair Treatment, and a Haircut at a discounted price.

The final step is to blow dry my hair and Jamie personally did it for me to demonstrate the right way to blow dry permed hair. The key is to twirl sections of your hair while you're drying it and honestly it is a little bit tricky in the beginning, but trust me, you'll become a pro at it after a couple of days. While curling, you can also choose with direction you want your curls to curl towards. For example, Jamie has twirled my hair towards my hair so my curls went inwards. But for myself, I like to twirl them away from my face.


This blow drying technique takes a much longer time for my hair to dry, but the end results is worth it because it makes your curls a lot more defined and noticeable. After my hair is dried, Jamie applied a curling essence which contains Aloe Vera Extract and Aqua Polymer. This curling essence smells amazing and it also has a non-oily texture which I really like! By applying this curling essence, it will help hold up sagged curls and at the same time give them more volume and shine. This curling essence is conveniently available at Hair Plus Korean Salon and I personally think it is an essential product for anyone with permed hair.

(2 days after my hair appointment)

Right after the perm, it's important to take note to avoid shampooing (conditioner and hair treatments are fine!), tying or pinning up your hair for the first 48 hours (2 days), so as to let the curls set. My appointment was on the 29th of May 2018, so it has already been almost a month since I first got them permed! So far I've been loving it so much and I've also been getting so many compliments about them! I love that they're actually not that defined, instead, the curls just looks like soft waves which is perfect since I don't put makeup during the weekdays, I think it will look extremely off if the curls were glamorous-looking while my face is so bland in comparison. On top of that, it's probably because of the volume rebonding, my hair is just so smooth and soft now, and even if I wish to style it further, it makes styling so much easier because they're no longer frizzy!

(1 and a half months after my hair appointment)

To maintain and care for my permed hair, I make sure to always blow dry my hair using the "twirling" technique, and use lightweight hair products to avoid sagging the curls. I also ensure to apply conditioner everyday, and a hair treatment once a week to keep my hair healthy and soft. Of course, I can't forget my curling essence which I apply everyday as well. If you're short on time, applying the curling essence and twisting the hair into 4 large sections and letting it dry naturally is enough to create effortless curls.

Hair Plus Korean Salon has begun to offer packages for their hair services (eg. the one I did was the Korean Volume Rebonding + Korean Perm + Treatment package), and they are definitely cheaper than taking the ala carte prices. To know more about the packages they are offering, feel free to contact them via their enquiry form, or simply give them a call at 6235 2234 (Far East Plaza outlet) / 6235 5883 (Suntec outlet). The entire process took about 4 hours, so make sure to schedule ample time and book an appointment with them before heading down!

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