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Review: ColourPop You Had Me At Hello Palette (+ swatches!)
Tuesday, 14 November 2017 at 13:05 | 0 Comments

Whoooops... So I uhh went a little crazy and ordered myself a bunch of new eyeshadow palettes from ColourPop. One of the palettes I decided to get is the fairly new You Had Me At Hello Palette which I will be reviewing today. This palette was released about 2 to 3 weeks ago, but ColourPop takes forever to reach me (nearly 2 weeks to be exact), so that's the reason why all my ColourPop reviews are always a little, or very late... Nevertheless, better late than never!

Most of the eyeshadow palettes from ColourPop have the same type of packaging; a lightweight, simple, and compact palette. Which is actually the kind I love because it's so light and flat, you can pretty much bring it everywhere you want and it will not occupy much space. Plus, it's made up of a cardboard-liked material which means it will not break like a plastic packaging. The You Had Me At Hello palette has a pink and purple bokeh theme with gold details which reminds me of tumblr aesthetics a few years back.

This palette contains a total of 12 gorgeous shades and the best part is, it is only retailing at US$16 (~S$22)! The shades in this palette are a good selection of pinks, purples, neutrals and browns, which, in my opinion, are the perfect colours to put on your lids during fall/winter. In addition, they are also evenly divided into 6 matte shades, and 6 glitter shades.

My favourite shades from this palette are definitely The Knot, Two Peas, Candygram, Winning Ticket, Pulling Strings, Want U Back, and Sparks Fly.

The Knot is a metallic, light ivory shade, and being someone who loves peach eyeshadows, I feel like this is definitely going to be my new to-go inner eye highlight shade as the subtle pink tones in this shade will go so well with peach and pinks. Two Peas is a matte medium beige with peachy tones which is perfect to use as a blending shade for my peach eyeshadows and beige skin. Candygram is a shimmer rose gold-ish shade, and I said rose gold-ish because most rose gold eyeshadows are pink with gold duochrome, but Candygram has a slightly more red base than pink which adds a louder and bolder pop of colour. Winning Ticket is a dusty blush shade, again, another perfect shade for blending eyeshadows as well as creating a romantic day time look. The last 3 shades I've chosen as my favs are matte browns, perfect for intensifying the eye look, as well as a blending shade.

Using this palette, I decided to create a festive, holiday glam look using the purple and golds in this palette. This is actually my very first time using a purple eyeshadow and I am now obsessed! I absolutely love how this look turned out and will definitely be wearing it lots for the rest of the year. If you wish to see how I achieved this look, click here.

Overall, this palette is gorgeous and I think it will make a perfect Christmas gift for those who are still trying to experiment with colours. All the shades are extremely wearable, and perfect for this holiday season!

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